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Monday, September 1, 2008

a reminder to myself..i really have to keep saving my money.they all think that i'm a millionaire who possess lots of money and hope that they will be treated.this is bloody unfair! i received scholarship from JPA mainly because they allow me to buy more books not to treat people,buying things that are not suppose to have, giving present to siblings each time i go back home,treating friends everytime i hang out.that wasn't the real propose when JPA offer me their scholarship.please think about this.i have to pay the fees that are highly college fees,my education fees which when sum up will approximately cost more than RM1400.think also about books i have to buy that each book barely reach one hundered.PER books.imagine how much books i have to buy for one semester plus all those photostated lecture notes and past years exam and minus all that,what left to me was just enough for my foods and drinks.consider the fact that living in KL requires more money than anyone else in UiTM shah alam or UKM or UPM needed.higher living cost in KL doesn't allow me to spend much money in anything else.i'll stop buying things which are less necessary.less hang out and less loitering time.spend more time on study because i really have to catch up every single things i've already least,at the end of semester,i have sufficient money to survive.or should i follow lyn?hunting for a job?owh..not for now i guess.she needs money more than i need.she's gonna married but i remain crux of the matter..


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