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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Super Show 3 Organizer (Malaysia)

Hi everyone..
Super Show 2 has been organized by Redstar Present as we all know, but this time i have no idea after hearing rumors saying that Redstar Present have an internal conflict with SME. I think this happened because Redstar is the organizer of JYJ Showcase. SME still having problems with those pretty boys, which is like no end. Maybe until the boys ended up in jails will they shut up interfering the boys. Super Junior is under SME, so it’s hard to say anything right now. SME will not cancelled the concert here in Malaysia, i believe that. The only concern now is the organizer. I didn’t go to the BEAST fanmeeting, but my friend said that the organizer was not really good in terms of customer services. And still, i tell you, Super Show 2 is total daebak. The concert went smoothly. SME is still good in managing, it’s the fact that they did something wrong to my boys, so i can’t fully tolerate. Please SME, don’t bother JYJ. Don’t mess up their life. You have a lot of K-idols to manage. Can you at least let them free? And after that can you have a peace mind of Redstar? They are trying their best to bring K-pop idols in Malaysia and we glad that Super Show 2 did well. I didn’t complaint at all after the show. It was just like a very beautiful memories. If only they can read this………….
Will update soon regarding this matter. Ticketing info is still not available since the organizer having some problems with SME. We ELFs, believe what SJ believe :)

I heard a stable fact that SS3 will be held on 19th March 2011. The SS3 SG organizer is the one who will take responsibility as SS3 Malaysia organizer. Still have some problems regarding the venue. I heard they said   that the venue clashed with an event organized by Malaysian private TV. OMO..why at the same date and place! But the SS3 organizer had already paid half the price of the stadium's fee (Stadium Bukit Jalil). It's been really confusing right now. But as long as the show's still on, i can be happy for quite some time. Fighting SS3!

All of you might have known this but to make this entry complete, i'm just gonna paste RITS's info regarding the upcoming SS3.


Super Show 3 - The Third Asia Tour
Date: SAT 19 March 2011
Time: 6 PM
Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Rock Pitt RM 480
Terrace Seats RM 480
Balcony Seats RM 370
Partial Restricted View RM 220

Launch of Ticket Sale Event for Super Junior's SUPER SHOW 3 in Kuala Lumpur

Venue: Sungei Wang Mall
Date: 19th February 2011
Time: 10 AM - 10 PM

Online Ticket Sales at (20 Feb - 19 March 2011)
Available Online and at all AirAsiaRedTix outlets Island-wide (Malaysia) .

Time and Date (Start of Online/Outlet sales : 20th FEB  | 12 Noon

Sunday, October 24, 2010

JYJ Showcase 2010 in Malaysia::Superb!!

Hoyeahhh…this is the best moment ever! I was waiting for them for quite a long time. Eventually i managed to see them, although without the duo. It was a lil bit messy for the management, they didn’t allow us to get in the stadium earlier, we have to wait like more than 4hours outside the stadium with 38 degree Celsius, you might have boiled an egg! Luckily i was tough enough to bear with the sun, i wasn’t collapsed. I saw few girls fainted in the middle of the crowd. So, this is how if you buy free seating or rock zone site. You’ll be pushed and may have fallen if you didn’t have enough strength to face with the crowd, don’t tell about the sweating, it sucks! JYJ_Malaysia

Went to SS2 on March, it was totally different. The sponsor is the same company, but the crowd are more tolerate, i mean ELFs are much more patient. I may be wrong too, because during the concert, i bought the numbered seat, so i didn’t have to fight for the best seat. I can even come late. No pushes, no bashes and no revolt in my heart lol. 


It’s a tiring day to stand up queuing under the hot dazzling sun. Until the time comes, nobody’s talking and everyone just look at them, mesmerized, a scenery where everyone looks like under a spell. I was bewitched. I feel like i was in a dream. They were standing right in front of my eyes! Yes, it was a reality, no dreaming. As they started to sing, i still can’t blinked i’m telling you. My eyelids didn’t move a bit. Owh yes, it’s Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun. yes they were!! Until that, i started to blink again :)



50 minutes was all the time they have with us. They all look superbly stunning. Junsu, he’s damn OMG nosebleed super duper cute, energetic dancing empty, his voice, even a butter in the fridge can melt :p. Jaejoong as expected, he look like a barbie doll :P. He’s really really handsome! The crowds keep chanting his name. While Yoochun, he’s really a Mickey i mean he can speak English well. So, he’s the most attractive member of the day. He interacted well with the MC and the audience as well. Looking back at the PC session, the mC told them to say “Saya Cinta Kamu”. Except Junsu with his cute and blurry face, Jaejoong and Mickey can utter them quite well. They even added ‘lah’ at the end of the Junsu said it well too, but i just smile looking at his face, he looks sincerely cute!


They performed six songs only, promoting their new album, The Beginning. They also sang “Chajatta”, Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST. I really love this song. I can memorize the lyrics on the second time i listen to the song. The talk session last for few minutes only. I want to hear their voices longer. Even though they use translator, this makes the talk session longer, i think it’s better to listen to them in Korean rather than having a translator which takes long time. I don’t mind having them 100% in Korean since they were born with it and since we know them through that language as well.



Lighsticks, glowsticks, banner with lights, saranghaeyo projects with red ballons, they were all a success. Everyone dressed in red except for a little minority. It was a really red ocean. I love the scene. The spirit of Cassies, the love of them towards the boys. It’s not all about JYJ. Crowds keep chanting Dong Bang Shin Ki more than JYJ themselves. Yes, we all missed Dong Bang Shin Ki. Yoochun even said at the end of his word, always keep the faith. I believed there were teary eyes in front of me. They really love Dong Bang Shin Ki, as well as i do. Once a Cassie, forever will be. This addiction has no remedy, no treatment, i will bear this until the end of my life with smile :)


They will probably hold a concert in Malaysia next year during summer (it’s always summer in Malaysia anyway). Let’s wish that it will become truth, let’s pray for them to settle things smoothly, let’s pray for them to cheer us over again, for eternity. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH


Saturday, October 23, 2010

She died……………………….

I miss her. I cannot stop crying. I hurt so much inside. I cannot do much as i can as a grandson. I can’t even repay her anything. I can’t even give a single cent to her, as she did before. I planned to buy her things as soon as i get my very first payment, but it didn’t happened as i wished. It’s not even a month to be paid. I wish i have a lot more time with her. But her time has finally come. She was destined to die today (23 October 2010).

I am so much fragile now. I tell myself to stop crying but it’s getting worse. Thinking that before she died, she suffered a lot, i think I'm gonna cry all my life. This is something i have to bear with. I have to accept by heart. I accept logically, but deep in my heart, i bleed so much. I regret something, but it was really under my control. I have to keep believing, that she is going to a better place. Yes, she is. She is going to leave those craps who breaks her heart, who treats her like animals, who can never be called her children in the first place.

There is only one thing i can do for her. Praying for her until it’s my time to go. Ustaz said that praying for our parents and grandparents will definitely be heard and surely be accepted. That, i wont stop doing.

Who will not feel sad and hurt if someone they love passed away? I can tell anyone who lose their important person bunch of advises, words that can somehow give a little bit comfort. But when it comes to myself, i can’t help rather than crying.

I keep revolting those people, but i have to release the feelings, i have to let it go. Because if i keep revolting, it hurts me as i will feel sad. I’ll feel sorry for my grandmother who died that way. She will get a better replacement there. She, who will always be remembered, who will always in my heart, who will always have a place in my heart, rest in peace my dear grandmother…May you be blessed in there……………………….



Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sunbae-nim

Attention dear readers, do not read the underline words!

Saengil chuka haeyo Sunbae-nim :)

Yay, it’s sunbae’s old day. Stepping into another digits, perhaps he might have just realized that he is entering a new stage in life. I don’t know how old is sunbae. I think he might be 26 this year. Just an estimation lol :p

I wish him to graduate soon (as he wishes too). I can see that sunbae is struggling all  days and nights, doing everything he can to finish his PhD. He might have been so busy and less sleep. Sometimes i saw him sleeping on his table. Sometimes i can see his face look little worried, he looked like rushing into something probably working hard to complete everything. OMG, PhD is that stressed?

In terms of physical, he’s half of me. I mean, he looks skinny. Sometimes i get jealous because i wanted to lose weight :p. But i think he doesn’t have much time to eat like me. Eat like starving for a week lol. I wish sunbae can eat properly. At least, build some muscles like Junsu or Jaejoong..or Yoochun okay! haha

69024_447486988035_602608035_5548629_51713_nThe purpose of adding this picture is merely a motivation to sunbae :p. Make yourself look like them and sure you’ll get your PhD done in few days lol you’ll be chased over girls and perhaps me as well hahahaha.

I have nothing to give as for now. No lovely present, sorry. I have to keep some money until the day i get my payment, i will buy something for you as a present. Owh very poor now :(

As for now, i can only afford to buy maybe a box of 12’s Big Apples doughnuts or Krispy Kreme, or a lunch set of bibimbap, or a lunch set of ramyun or one piece of Secret Recipe’s cake. Poor me :(. But it’s hard to treat all those foods because i didn’t know if he’ll like them or not. And going to Midvalley with him alone is another thing. He’ll always busy and maybe don’t have time for all that. Forget all these. Buy anything else rather than foods. I have some suggestions in mind, but that needs quite an amount of money. OK. Again, forget this for a while.

This sounds more like my diary rather than a birthday wish. Back to the topic okay. Things that people always said to the person celebrating their birthday are wishes and sweet words. I am not good at this personally. In real world, i talk less and i look like an arrogant plus less environmental friendly. Indeed, i write and speak more to my heart. I don’t know why. I can be talkative sometimes, when i really have the point. Sometimes i rather be silence than talking pointless. OMG this is a diary as well!! Sorry

Can skip some if you hate to read, but do read until the last paragraph. Didn’t force but highly recommended lol :p. I swear this will be the second last paragraph. I won’t write so many unnecessary things in this entry because it’s sunbae’s birthday. Respect please (talking to myself).

I pray for sunbae to be fit and healthy each and everyday, so eat well and sleep well. Rest a bit, don’t rush over things when you cannot even take a deep breath (lecturing here). Hope you can get your work done in the ‘to-do-list’. Hope you can finish your PhD as you planned. Hope you will get everything you want in your ‘wishlist’. Hope you will be graduating soon and then people will start calling you ‘Dr Wansin’ lol :p Nice name. Can’t wait to hear people call you that :) :) :)

#Happy bithday Sunbae-nim………Lee Wan Sin!! Have a great one :)

p/s Lee Wan Sin is my UM senior. He is now pursuing his PhD studies . Working on banana and he is one of the best senior I’ve ever met in my entire life! He helps me a lot and sure he deserved to be mention here :) TQ

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is an entry to Nuffnang..

If you are a blogger, you might know what Nuffnang is. It’s a well known company of blog advertising community. You can check them out if you haven’t heard about them. I didn’t know much about Nuffnang but i do serve ads from them. What i mean by didn’t know much about Nuffnang is i didn’t learn how to make attraction to my blog to maintain the traffic, adding unique visitors and play with the keywords. My blog is merely personal. I write about what i love, what i do and my addictions. If you have come to my blog earlier, you will notice that i rarely change my layout, my header is still the same for the last three months i guess. Some people said, my blog is weird and unattractive. Well yeah for a girl without temptations of girly things, it does not make people coming again for the second time lol.

As far as i remember, i started Nuffnanging since July or maybe August (so lazy to check out). And during the period, i have 1 buffered earnings. But i didn’t know what to do so i just let them be, like usual. I came across some blogs saying that once you get a buffered earning, you have to work hard on it. It’s like a bonus Nuffnang gives us. So, have to update more and make people come to our blog. I am not a regular updater since i started working. I cannot update one post a day because i am busy culturing banana. But if the banana male flower didn’t come to the lab for several days, I'll be like nothing to do in the lab and keeps downloading things.

A thought came to my mind. I haven’t have to do things that against my physical ability. I will only write if i am really wanted to write and when i am really full of imagination and facts in my mind. Writings come from a heart that flows in the mind. Heart first then mind. So, if i do the update just because i wanted the blog to be visited by unique people lol, it’s not from my heart. And i am pretty sure, the post will not be attractive, at all!

This is a piece of thought i have in mind. Why need to really obsessed with posting a lot of entries just to keep the unique people came in. Sounds like so, what if you write a lot? That’s not the case actually. The fact is, a lot of people use attractive keywords but a very pointless entry in the end. Hey people, let’s blog for real. Let us be honest in blogging.

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the buffered earnings. I’ll kept writing good ideas perhaps. I don’t really know what Nuffnang considered in giving buffered earnings to bloggers. I can’t tell because i rarely updates, i didn’t chase the unique visitors and so on. Maybe they have some sort of criteria for them to give priority, that is Nuffnang’s secret recipe. Some bloggers have their own tips of getting buffered earnings. I didn’t know if i ever tried, perhaps or maybe not :O

I wanted to show the printed screen of the buffered earnings i have. For a sec, i think my blog is prone to entertainment and all those Korean-Japanese things. So, the buffered earnings goes around that :p. Have a look. At least I’m not just nagging alone here.

cats  traffic

Hey what’s the point of this traffic view? :p Just wanted to say that, the only attraction of this blog is JYJ things, K-idols, and perhaps some of my friends viewing my site. Get to be real. I wanted to do things better, yes now and forever :)


i wanted to put this at the first place instead of the traffic view. lol. It’s all about JYJ things. JYJ should be proud of their Cassies :popo

p/s thanks also to Ben Ashaari :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A new beginning- My First Ever Job

Salam and hello dear :)

Life have been quite busy for me these days. It’s about me and the lab. It’s about getting thru all the things that were familiar with me and not so familiar with. The different thing is i am no longer was here because of the FYP, but as a Research Assistant. It happened so fast as i could even breath a long sigh. I got a rented house together with my former classmates, lucky me. I think my life have been surrounded by all those kind people who always help and support whenever i need them. Sometime life gets harder but i didn’t feel the tense because the period was too  short, i can’t even realize. 


Those good people around me inspire a lot of motivation. It keeps myself to its original state once i dropped down. Not only those people who moves around. Not only my family whom will always support me, people like my K-Pop Idols really help cheer my life. It’s more than just a mere entertainment, it’s my rhythmic soul, it’s my heartbeat song, beautiful and refreshing. cn12

I think i am weird. Because i never knew what is my interest except the fact that i am a Korean freak. Besides travelling, i wanted to eat various kind of foods and jumped over the hill without injuries. Apart from that, i didn’t know if there are anything else's i aimed for. But the best part of me is that i usually accept my destiny, i accept what comes to me without objection and try to live the way i was given. I usually take the choices i was given, i rarely alter and change. So far, i am contended. I am happy to live the way i was destined. As a result, they said I'm a lucky girl :)

Picture0015 I don't know what will happened the next chapter in my life. It’s hard to expect, and plus i seldom expect, just a glimpse of imagination sometimes. I wish for another glorious and precious moments, only if i am alive, still. Hoping for another bright sunshine :)

p/s Hey, it’s five more days to JYJ showcase. OMG i really have to calm myself down :p

Thursday, October 7, 2010

From the kitchen to the lab

Hi readers,

Being a desperate housewife for more than two months is not that bad. In fact, if my future husband can afford giving me a monthly allowance at least RM2000, I’ll just stay at home not working. Or maybe working at home, like opening a bakery /lol or maybe a coffee house :p. This statement is purely affected by watching Asian Food Channel everyday at home. I feel like i wanna be a chef :p

I got a call from my Sunbae yesterday confirming that i can started working as a Research Assistant whenever i can. I said to him i can start working next week. It’s like so soon, but if i didn’t start soon, I’ll have much time to reject the offer :p

Okay let’s talk about this new job. This is the first job ever. I have done no part time job previously in my life, never. Not even once. Working in the lab is not my wish at the very first place. I intended to leave the lab and enter a new world, a different world i have ever been, yes, like working in the kitchen bakery, or teaching perhaps :p

I’ll be working in the lab i used to be while doing my Final Year Project. And working under my former Sunbae whom responsible to help me a lot during my crucial times. He’s the one who asked me whether am i interested in the job. I’ll take this as a benchmark, a little step to thousand miles of life journey :)

Of course this is not a permanent one. It depends on the contract and how far can i stand :p. Hopefully i can bear with it and enjoy working. Shifting into a new world isn’t that easy for me. Each time i enter a new intersection of my life, i get stuck in the beginning. But after i passed the initial part, i can finished until the final line :)

Hey guys, why not you pray for me? So that i can went through all these smoothly :). Wish me luck dear all :) :) :)

TQ @fandomreality

p/s I’m gonna miss my time of being a desperate housewife :p

Friday, October 1, 2010

[Eng Sub] Lee Seung Chul - That Person

Can't stop listening to this song. It's so addictive. I watch the series over and over again. I'm so fallin in love for Kim Takgu..omooo..I'm dying


[Eng Sub] Lee Seung Chul - That Person

My favorite song ever. I just can't get this out of my playlist. I just love Kim Takgu :)


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