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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SHINee Concert in Malaysia 2011

Of course the concert won't include Yoogeun, but I love this picture. Such a lovely boys

This is not a confirmed event yet, but I'm just doing my own presumption. There'll be at least two organizers or co-organizer or maybe partners involved in this event. I'm doing my calculation based on their status/photos uploaded on Facebook. I met the very first hint at Splendid Entertainment's Facebook. The moment I 'liked' the Fan Page, there's only around 36 fans to my surprise, and until this entry was written, the total of people who like the page are 1076. They first changed their profile picture to SHINee, then changed it back to their own logo, raising a question mark on each of Shawols who keep stalking the page like every two minutes. Me? I'm cool! I believe SHINee will come! After few days, they posted SHINee's picture at their Facebook wall. Another hint isn't it?

The second hint was from DiGiYouths. You know, this is why I love Digi though lately I was thinking of changing to old Maxis. The Digi Campus rate is now not as valuable as before. It's just like the other telco's campus rate, no specialty anymore. Back to the topic. I saw these two posts and then my talking thoughts started to rant. Look out:
Next K-pop concert is a sign that they'll be bringing Korean band again
The question now is who will they bring?

The previous post. Didn't I look like a great stalker? lol

Will be posted latest news regarding SHINee's Concert in Malaysia. Have been waiting for themquite a long time. My flaming charisma Choi Minho..really can't wait to meet in person!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

At my wits' end

You know this is my life. How should I say?

I'm tumbling upon my current status. It's reaching agony level at this moment. Got no choice. Down I go, falling, then floating, and falling again, I wait for the land of my life which as well taunts me. In the darkness, struggling to find a speckle behind the gauze, I see flashes of my old memories. I try to delete those unfavorable memories but it's not as easy as to delete files from a computer.

Since when do I know how to rebel? Since when do I realize that she's torturing me? Maybe she was born heartless. Maybe I was born to meet those strange human on earth. My heart, it is still pumping, even when it's broken to pieces. You can't bully me that way because even if I didn't fight back, doesn't mean I lose the battle. Silence doesn't comply with agreement. If you want me to obey your rules, you must at least have a respect upon my life. Are you one of those losers who always want their needs to be fulfilled but not thinking about what they should give in return? Now I completely know those fellas exist. Thank you for proving me right!

I know how terrible your heart is. I'm pretty sure that your life is a mess. You can't rule the world, neither can you make me a slave. You help no one, then no one will help you eventually. I believe that every single thing will be measured based on how well you can carry them. I will want my part to be judge as well. I'll be waiting~ so should you.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sam Sam Korean The Gardens Midvalley Bibimbap, Kimchi Jjigae, Tteokbukki (Halal)

So, this is not my first time eating those stuff. Probably about hundred times! lol. These three foods are very popular cuisine. Bibimbap is a mixed rice with a lot of different veggies and mushrooms, some minced beef, an egg, two tablespoon or more of gochujang (red pepper paste). Before eating, you have to mix them evenly. They often serve bibimbap with kimchi and potato side dish.

After mixing the ingredients, here what it looks like. Ready to eat!

Next is Kimchi Jjigae
Kimchi Jjigae
Kimchi jjigae is my all time favorite dish. It taste a little bit like our local 'Asam Pedas'. Kimchi jjigae means Stew Kimchi. It's serve with a bowl of hot rice and side dishes. If you are the type that loves hot and sour soups, you'll definitely love this!

Another one is tteokbukki. Tteokbukki is like a snack dish. It's actually made of rice cakes with spicy gravy. In comparison to our local dishes, I would like to say tteokbukki matches really well with 'Yong Tau Fu'. Tteokbukki is very popular in korean drama and variety show. Because of that, you must try that as well. The rice cake is chewable and the gravy just went well with the rice cake. Some restaurant serves rice cake with fishcakes and some put ramyun into it. The tteokbukki also comes with some vegetables in it. The best part that i like is the sprinkle sesame seeds. Korean dishes taste different with the addition of sesame seeds and sesame oil.

Tteokbukki! Yummy

Thirsty? Ouh yes! I drank a Bon Cafe cuppa yesterday! Really wakes me up after sleeping about 10 minutes in the cinema while watching Transformers 3 lol!

그 사람 finished the tteokbukki i ordered, after having a full stomach, i cannot stuff the tteokbukki anymore. lol.

Very cheap because man always have to pay?haha

Boncafe. RM1.80 each cup. Mamak stall cost higher for a delicious hot coffee like this.

My so called lunch-dinner here at The Gardens Food Court . The Korean Stall is actually called 'Sam Sam Korean' which means 'Thirty Three' in Korean. Went there yesterday with 그 사람, coincidently with B.E.R.S.I.H day, so what to expect? There's only us eating there! With some workers and kitchen staffs. It feels like home! lol. If you didn't believe me, trust the pictures:
Spot anyone?No?Yes?
The Korean Food Stall

See? No one else!
Okay, okay. Now there's someone
Full stomach~~~ Happy heart, happy face! I love Korean food! Yay

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heeya 희야 (Boohwal) Worth listening to

Who cares they are old school? Me not. Started to fall in love with Boohwal since i watched Immortal Song 2 where the idols have to sing Boohwal's song they themselves choose. Pretty ironic, i rarely like 90s songs. I get annoyed listening to those rock kapak songs. I rather shut the radio off than listening to it. Dang it! I din think of rambling here! But i do...sigh~

You better listen to Heeya..It makes my day. Probably yours as well!

Of course they sang in different way. That what makes the song special :). Lyrics help a lot to understand and feel the song more. Plus, you can even sing it during your karaoke time. Or maybe in the bathroom..erk


희야 날좀 바라봐
Heeya, look at me
너는 나를 좋아했잖아
You (used to) like me (don’t you)
너는 비록 싫다고 말해도 나는 너의 마음 알아
Even though you say you hate me, I know (what’s in) your heart
사랑한다 말하고 떠나면 나의 마음 아파할까봐
If you tell me you love me before you leave, I could be hurt
뒤돌아 울며 싫다고 말하는 너의 모습 너무나 슬퍼
When I look back, the way you look when you said you hate me was really sad
빗속을 울며 말없이 떠나던 너의 모습 너무나 슬퍼
In the midst of rain, you left without words. You looked so sad.
하얀 얼굴에 젖은 식어가는 너의 모습이
The way you look, your white face getting wet and cold
밤마다 꿈속에 남아 아직도 널 그리네
(it) sticks in my dreams every night, (it appears) I still miss you
희야 날좀 바라봐 오 희야 오 날좀봐
Heeya, look at me. Oh, Heeya, please look at me!
오 희야 희야 오 희야 오 희야
Oh Heeya, Heeya, Oh Heeya, Oh Heeya
오 나의 희야
Oh my Heeya

Lyrics credit to this

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