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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glasses vs Contact Lenses

Which one do u prefer? Wearing glasses that might make u look like a nerd, or wearing a risky contact lens?
I'm being specky since Form 3. It was all my fault i'm losing my eyes ability to look farther. Now, i have to accept the fact that i'm a person who can stick their eyes 24 hours in front of the TV or laptop rather than reading books! That's the reality. A specky is always related to 24 hours non stop books, but in my case, no. I'm a TV sticker lol. 

I started to wear contact lens when i was in my early 19. I was attracted to contact lenses because of its colour. I first wore a grey colour contact lenses and i was always being questioned: Where the hell did u get  ur eyes gray? Is it inherited from ur mum or dad? I answered: My eyes gene colour's had been mutated! A real genetic answer. LOL. I wore the contact lenses until i turned 21. I stop wearing contact lens because my eyes got irritated wearing them too long or while i was sitting in an air-conditioner room, my eyes felt tired and easily turned red. I changed the brand i used to wear, once i entered my first year degree and resulted in irritated eyes. My dad urged me to stop using contact lens and make a new cool glasses. I'm a good daughter and said nothing. I

Please set ur mind that i'm a particular person in handling with cleanliness. I'm indeed taking a lot of care in handling my lenses so do not judge my hygiene habit as a result of irritating eyes. I sterilized my hand first before touching my lenses. Maybe my destiny with contact lenses stopped there. I am thinking of wearing contact lenses during my wedding day, but that might be a long thinking journey ;)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


  • The SS3 will be on: 26th March 2011
  • The tix pre-sale is going to be on the early September
  • The venue is probably Stadium Bukit Jalil once again
  •  The sponsor is Redstar Present (the company who sponsored SuJu during SS2)
  • Projects for SS3: myELF solo project (on Facebook)
 Picture was taken during SS2 on March 2010

credits to: Nurul Akma Osman a.k.a Miss Hi-Goat

How To Overcome Headache

I am writing this topic mainly because i'm suffering a headache as well. There are two types of headache; (1) migrain headache and (2) sinus headache. It's hard to differentiate between migrain headache and sinus headache. I am suffering a sinus headache where i am restricted to eat any kind of seafood except for fresh fishes. If i disobey this law, i'll definately will be having a painful headache

Here i'll be talking more on sinus headache because i experienced it. I went to see the doctor to confirm what type of headache i'm suffering. He diagnosed, and after that he told me that i, no matter what, cannot eat any kind of seafood except fresh fishes, not even a canned sardine or dried anchovies.

  • So, if u are suffering a sinus headache, do not eat seafood.
  • Then, drink plenty of filtered water. Drink as much as u can because water helps to circulate our blood and prevent us from dehydration. Water will also help reduce the body pressure
  • Person who suffered migrain should get rid of light because u might have a light sensitivity. This way, ur eyes will be much more relax than never. Staring at computers for a long period will make ur headache even worse. 
  • Drink a cup of green tea. Yes, this may be helpful because green tea have the anti-oxidant agent that will eliminate the unwanted compound in our body.
  • Eat a proper diet. For sinus headache patient, u know what u can and what u cannot eat. Avoid taking foods with high salt content and eat more fruits and proteins. No seafood please.
  • Rest and rest and rest! This is like a must to everyone who are having headaches. Take a rest and don't pushed urself to work as the more u pressure urself, the worse ur headache will be.
Hope that u can get something useful from this..Take care :)
Credits to: eHow and Health and Wellness
(3) picture taken from:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comments on Genetics Peril

As a genetic student, it is always fun and exciting for me to learn something new regarding genetic diseases, heredity, pedigree things and everything that does related to chromosome, DNA, protein and u-name-it-what. Believe me or not, i am a fond of genetics article, magazines and anything that writes on genetics. But the fact that u have to really know (and pls laugh at is that i got B+ for my Human Genetics which is terrible. I clearly remember that i can answer the question well, but maybe i have not done it well. I thought that i can score very well on my favorite subject. But no way! You have to read much much more! OMG..pls turn back time.

Back to the topic; Genetics Peril is an English version of a Malay novel called 'Zuriat' which based on a true story by Dr Zabidi Hussin and was narrated by Norzailina Nordin. I bought this novel a year ago and just recently i found this book in my certificates box (i never tought i keep it there). I started to read the moment i went to the hospital, waiting for my brother's operation. The first few pages will make u want to know more. It's such an addiction to me. This true story is based on a family whom their children were all having a genetic disease called MLD (MLD is short for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy)

MLD?what the hell was that? It was told that Meta means change, chromatic means color, leuko means white matter, dystrophy means degeneration. MLD's name therefore comes from degeneration in the white matter of the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) which has a color on staining that should not be there ( This so called MLD is a genetic disease, inherited either by both parents carrying the disease gene but not affected or just mum or dad  having the gene. Yes, u may have to know that genetic disease is not always what on the pedigree analysis look like. It's always have no other fixed kind of genetic inheritance. It can always confused u if u're trying to match them up with  type  of inheritance u learned before.

In Pn Kamariah and En Mohamad  case, all their children (5 little cutie child) were affected with the disease. The first one to die is their eldest daughter, followed by Andi whom after transplantation of the bone marrow died. Not because of the rejection of donor bone marrow, but because of the infection in his lungs and he cannot endure the pain, the immune system of his body becomes weaker to the fact that doing a bone marrow transplantation, u have to slow down the rate of ur immune system for the new bone marrow to be accepted to your body. And being such a young kid with lack of immunity, he has no enough protection against germ, bacteria, viruses and so on. To my surprise, the younger sister survive in the transplantation.

All of their children showed symptoms when they grown up to 8 years old. Once before that, they were so much active in their life, they enjoy every moment of their childhood. But then, as time grows, they become deteriorated. The second child, Amree died after Andi. Affizal died on 2002 after quite some time being bedridden. Marhaini's the only one left, relying on expensive medications and surviving her lives to fight this malady.

This is just a few words of what the story all about. The family is from Kelantan and the father had to quit his job in order to take care of his special children. Once u read this, it will touch ur heart of how real love of mum and dad shown in this story. Remeber, this is not a fiction. This is a really realistic story that had happend more than a decade ago. For those who love genetics, make sure u read this novel once.. Two thumbs up :)

picture credits to karangkraf:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My brother was hospitalized

 Yat, my lil bro was the one standing on the right hand side

He complained about having a stomach ache once he returned from his hostel. My parents tought he was having diarrhea or food poisoning but he seemed to be far from the symptoms. Before Jumaat prayer, my dad brought him to the clinic and went back with gastric diagnosed. He kept saying it was painful. My mum didn't satisfy and she insist of bringing him to Metro Hospital. After Jumaat, my parents and my lil brother went to Metro Hospital. They came back with a surprising news. My dad said that my brother was diagnosed of having an appendics problem. He has to be operated as soon as possible. I felt sorry for him as i cannot do anything. My lil brother, once he came back from school after two weeks, he usually will use the notebook from dusk until dawn. Until he was told to eat then he'll do. He is a type of people who doesn't talk too much, he can be easily bullied especially by

I was sleeping a bit late last night. I was reading a novel under title, 'Genetics Peril'. It was a long time i didn't read any novels. Although i'm not a big fan of novels, but i sometimes read them. I was attracted to Cecelia Ahern's novels and i read her collections. I turned off the light once i felt so sleepy. I heard footsteps and sounds of people hurrying. I was half awake and just continue to sleep. When I woke up during Subuh prayer, my dad told me that my lil brother was hospitalized last night. So, the sound i heard was the sound of my parents hurrying to the hospital. I was shocked a bit, but i quickly told my sister and brother to get ready to the hospital. We went to the hospital quite early. No visitors are allowed to the ward until the visiting time which is during lunch time and after office hour till 7.30pm. But we sneaked into the ward and i saw him laying on the bed..looked pale on his face and looked so much weak. He was in a ward with 3 other patients suffering the same case.

I went out of the ward after 5 minutes visit. I called for my dad and my brother to came in. After my dad went in, the bed my brother was lying has been pushed out of the ward and straight away to the Operation Room. It was double shocked for me as i thought he was just entered the ward few hours ago..Thank God. It was all fast. More than three hour he was in the Operation Room. Went out of the room with a weak looking. I know, he hasn't eat anything since yesterday. They brought him back to the ward.

He cannot eat until the doctor says so. Now, he will be warded for at least three days or perhaps a week. My mum is there looking after him. Let's pray that he will recover soon...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is waiting for SS3 next year

The SS2 (refers to Super Show 2) was completely awesome. I can still remember how happy i was, getting the tix. Even when i was super duper busy with my final year project and thesis writing, i can still attend the wonderful event and enjoyed it so much. It worths me paying that price. I even regret for not buying the lower seat. Owh my precious moments ^^.
The SS3 is coming next year. I will definately going if (1) i'm still alive (2) if i didn't have any matter important than SS3 (3) something bad didn't happen to me (4) someone stole my tix

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love this pic ^^

pic was taken near swimming pool, Swiss Garden Golf Resort & SPA, Damai Laut, Lumut Perak. during the National Rice Conference 2010

school or university?

I honestly love university the best. I went to kindergarten at the age of 4. I started schooling since i was 5 years old. I yet to remember of how am i doing during my primary school. I think i'm very good at co-curricular activities since i entered so many competitions and when it was secondary school, i went to study at a boarding school. I hate hostel the most. I cannot tolerate living with a fit schedule. I just wanted to do what i like at a particular time. I hate rushing. I hate boys in my school. We always quarreled and i cannot get myself even an inch of peace in my heart. I am a bad bad senpai when i was in form two and above. I didn't bullied anyone, but they think me and some of my collegues, bullied them. Of course we're not! We were just in quite a large group that the other students may think we dominate the school. We had entered the diciplinary board once, due to some cases, well..a lesson though. I had been called using the PA system (the whole school can hear my name being announced!) with the dicipline teacher for a reason that i may laugh thinking of now. The night before, i accompanied my friend (who are now throwing me away from her life), to buy a drink at the vendor machine. We cannot go out during prep class, but my friend insist and she asked me to went out for a while with her. Even though we're not in the same class, i followed her (i am a dump, am i?) We were caught by a warden on our way back to the class. At the same time, there were two boys using the public phone near the vendor machine. So we were caught handcuffed with two boys and two girls. Suspicious isn't it? I hate that two boys. What the hell were they doing at the canteen? Calling their girlfies or whatever. But i hate it when i was caught with them because that two morons had a very bad reputation. They had a bad record and were under observations. After the incidents, i can feel that a lot of students looked sarcastically at me. I hate the school ever since, but the teachers, they are good. I just dont like the way the school was, i hope i can just delete all the bad memories in school. I never like boys in my school since they were damn evil haha. I never wanted to meet even one of them. A grudge or what? Whatever.. But i have to admit that i have some friends that i owe much: Ruzzanna, Arni, Ida & Jazmina. I remember this four because they didn't forget me and didn't throw me away like a trash. A friend that had throwed me away, i did'nt care, and it's good not to remember me. I owe u nothing. And i didn't loose anything. I DIDN'T CARE!

I love my university the best. Since i entered the Foundation Studies, i started to find myself. The true self of myself. I started to find real friends. Friends that will not simply use u for their own sake. Friends that teach me of real friendship, real me and real world. I find a lot of people with kind heart, who wants to be friend with me because of a bond that we have. Not because of anything elses. I want to express more about my university, but i have to postponed it later. Till this time. i'm missing my besties. I'm missing them..who makes me................................MYSELF

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm going to graduate soon!

I will be graduating soon::7 August 2010
Thought that graduating process will be a lot easier to handle than registeration time. I was totally wrong. It was harder than expected. U have to fill in so many forms and go to many departments before u get in getting the scroll. But however, i can say that it's near. Near the end of all the hardship :)). I started missing classes and my lovely 11th college. A new semester will begin tomorrow. But no more semester for me. I'm relieved but at the same time, i feel like i'm missing all of the moments. University life is the best part of my life! Can't wait to graduate soon ^^

credits to:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Open Food System is killing me!

Exaggerated title. But no denial. A true fact. Very very true. The open food system that i have been using since mid 2007 had turned me into a giant girl! In fact, i gained 10 kilograms within 3 years, can u believe it? a lot of woman reducing their weight but me instead. When i was 17, i weighed 40. When i was 20, it was 45. Now, u calculate yourself. I started the Open Food System (a system which allows me to eat almost anything i wish to, even trying new foods, from Malaysian Cuisine till the end of the world's food). Food is world's heaven i tell u! People who stricly restrict themselves from eating delicious foods are wasting world's treasure. Omo..all of these heaven things resulted in a doubled me (i sized double myself when i was 17). I dun like being a double because i have to buy new outfits, new shoes and new everything. I have to reduce my habit from eating a lot of delicious foods to eat less delicious food. Why? Delicious foods always have high calories and fats which drives me a fatty. Aigooo.. start dieting.

i love these heavens;

No 1; Butter Pecan Ice Cream Baskin Robin
No 2: Mc Donalds Foods
No 3: Pizza Hut
No 4: Kenny Rogers Roaster

No 5: Bibimbap

No 6: Korean Ramyun
Enjoy eating as u can but beware of taking them too much :))
Food lovers *^________^*
Credits: all pictures are taken from Google search

Monday, July 5, 2010

National Rice Conference

The NRC 2010 was held on 28-30 June 2010 at Swiss Garden Golf Resort & SPA, Damai Laut, Lumut, Perak. The National Rice Conference was last held on 2003. That was 7 years ago. I'm among the fourth MARDI trainee whom were just lucky to get a chance to participate in fact that the fees were so unaffordable for students. RM300 each trainee multiply by three. Then for one night, u have to pay RM220 for a sea facing room multiply by three (for three days). Just a calculation. We didnt pay for all. Our so kind hearted supervisor paid for that. The very first night, on our way to the dinner hall, someone stopped us and as for direction. She's going for a dinner as well, so she asked whether she can join us for dinner. We have a decent conversation and she think that we shouldn't be sent to the conference because our sv paid all the fees (like she's jealous). That woman is a RO (research officer, same position as our sv). The next day, during the breakfast, i saw her with her collegues. I went to the buffet table intending to look out for foods. I was standing just next to her, but she didn't even reply my smile. She might've been forgetting me or she's a forgetful woman or she was just pretending to not knowing me because i'm a trainee. RO & a trainee have a huge gap perhaps. We met a lot of ROs, especially woman, whom underestimate us and some who treat us kindly. The conference gave me a lot lot more information on rice. I did skipped some of the lectures (hehe) but afterall, the accomodation, the conference and the hotel are superb! I love the surrondings, the sea, the air and the landscape. They're just amazing! Fresh *^___^*
Went back from the conference, i just have two days left for my industrial training. It was a touchable moment. We had a photoshoot session with the labmates and the ahjumma and ahjusshi..I miss them so badly. We gave some present to each of the lab person including Mr Yu Chan. He looked so happy receiving the present..Thank you for everything, Mr Guok Hup Ping, ahjumma ros, ahjusshi zul & sobri ^^. We love ya

p/s pics upload later ;))


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