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Thursday, May 13, 2010

i dont want to be a farmer

4th day of internship.yesterday, i really went down to the paddy field. the day before, i drove a transplanter with my foot didn't reach the paddy land surface. yesterday, we removed the F1 which requires me to went down into the muds and mess up all over. it was really hard for me since i never get into paddy land before.mazwani, her father is a farmer and she used to be in the paddy field since young, yati, i dunno but i think she's more competent than me in paddy things. i was some kind of awkward. my foot stuck surrounded by the stubborn mud sticking in my boots. today is more worse. i just do the planting not even halfway (anyway, i'm not even paid ;p). i sweat like a hell.OMG.. i smell bad..we planted the previous F1 in another box. done with the paddy work, we changed and went back to the lab, ate and watched movies like usual. it's bored damn after paddy work. there's no work we can do other than talking and chatting to the ahjusshi and ahjumma in the lab and whom comes in and out. we have been shown the ELISA machine which was not operated for a long time (what a waste!. each single machine cost u more than 20 thousand rinngit!)
Mr Guok, our soon to be retired supervisor usually comes and explain to us what he want us to know. he's fun to be with since he's not too serious but straight in terms of working. i like the way he is. he doesnt play during his work and he is giving full attention to what he is doing. i'm a little weird why some workers didn't like him ( i mean, they don't like some of his orders).  he introduced us to a a man from China which was paid by MARDI to work there. he's also a master student, married and have children. Mr Guok asked us to learn mandrin from him since he's from China and he speaks real mandrin and requesting us to teach him malay language. so we did for about an hour (it's fun though ;D)
tomorrow, i can go home earlier at 12 noon ^^..hope to get rest a lot**
till then..bye

Monday, May 10, 2010

first day of industrial training

there are four of us from UM, department of genetics. arrived early at 8, it seems like being in school time again. tomorrow, i'll be in at 7.30 so that i work till 12 on friday. i'm doing my LI at MARDI Seberang Perai, 20 minutes away from my house. for the first day, a bit of boring things there. first, we were introduced to our supervisor which me, mazwani and hayati got the same supervisor, Mr Guok from plant breeding department. he taught how plant breeding works. it's more like theory we learn in university. tomorrow we have to go to the field and start working as a farmer (i guess ;p). the situation at MARDI is beyond my expectation. i saw a lot of people do nothing. the workers there, are most likely veteran people. i hardly see any young people working there. the place is quite wide and far from any town. the nearest one is 15 minutes away. luckily i stay at my home. so it wont be a hard internship. i can go back home and watch football and now uber cup as i like. today, already got an assignment. have to prepare for slides and short report.have to sleep early and wake up more morning sleep..till then~~
p/s i miss my besties....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

last day in UM

today is my last day in UM as a student and as a resident in 11th college. i have been here living in 11th college for almost 3 years. thanks to college administration for allowing me to stay for 6 semester here.11th college daebak!
feeling sad leaving UM, i feel that a few months before. i already prepare for this farewell. it's kinda hard to have this feeling. but that's's like we just stop at the RnR and continue life as it is. saying goodbye is hard enough, so i decided to say till we meet again.saying goodbye is more like we never meet again.indeed we all gonna meet this world or the life after. for all my friends, all geneticist, roommates, coursemates thanks for all the moments and memories we share.5 years being with u all will remain in my heart forever..let's meet again dear friends!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the end of student life

i'm busy lately.have two more papers to go on.hwaiting! i'll write soon~~


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