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Friday, April 23, 2010

forgetful me(memory lost during human genetic exam)

human genetics paper settled. but too bad i have lost my memory during the exam. the questions were predictable. it was mainly on the test and the assignment. but because i have lost my memory during the exam, just think yourself how am i going to score. i only remember important points but cannot elaborate more. sigh** forget it. next paper::here comes plant molecular genetics. no clues and no guideline at all.have to really focus on the notes. can anyone change my simple minded mind? and to become a normal girl who always said: 'waaa takutnya exam' and prepare damn hard. gudluck all for exam

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 answer (again.why i like to do this recently ;p)

3 name i go by:
1) Safina (formally)
2) Fina (friends)
3) Nana (family)

3 jobs i have had in my life:
1) Fulltime K-pop stalker (ngehehe)
2) Student again n again
3) A lover (hahaha)

3 places i have lived:
1) Sg petani (my hometown)
2) Nilam Puri
3) Kuala Lumpur

3 TV shots i cannot miss:
1) Family Outing
2) We got married
3) Hello Baby

3 places i have been:

1) incheon
2) seoul
3) tokyo

3 places i want to go:
1) Every inch of Korea
2) Wonderland
3)  Seven layers of the sky

3 of my fav foods:
1) butter pecan baskin robbins ice cream
2) cinnamon pretzel Auntie Anne
3) squid takoyaki (forget about my seafood allergy)

3 things i'm looking forward too:
1) getting a job (no more master or phd i guess ;p)
2) getting rich
3) getting richer lol ;p

answer one word only

You Can Only Type One Word Answers For Each Question
Not as easy as you might think. Copy this questionnaire and paste as a new post. Then change the answers to suit you and tag others or encourage others to try this One Word Answer meme themselves.
Remember: one word answers only!

1. Where is your mobile phone?
2.Your significant other?
3. Your hair?

4. Your favorite thing?
5. Your dream last night?
6. Your favorite drink?
7. Your dream goal?
8. The room you’re in?
9. Your ex?
10. Your fear?
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
12. Where were you last night?
13. What you’re not? hungry

14. Muffins?
15. One of your wish list items? rich

16. Where you grew up?
17. The last thing you did?
18. What are you wearing?
19. Your favorite TV Show?
20. Your pets?
21. Your Computer/Laptop?
22. Your life?
23. Your mood?
24. Missing someone?
25. Your car?
26. Something you’re not wearing? ring

27. Favorite store?
28. Like someone?
29. Your favorite color?
30. When is the last time you laughed?
31. Last time you cried?
32. Who will post this?
33. Were you able to answer ALL of the questions with ONE word answers?

my top 10 singer list ^^

 1) Xiah Junsu DBSK

2) Max Changmin DBSK

3) Yesung (Kim Jong Woon (김종운))SuJu

4) Cho Kyuhun SuJu

5) Leetuk SuJu

6) Yong Hwa CN Blue

7)  Micky Yoochun DBSK

8) Kim Heechul SuJu

9) Lee Hongki Ft Island

10) Taeyang Big Bang

Monday, April 19, 2010

that free hair girl remove me from FB

hahaha..i feel like laughing a lot. that girl (my junior at secondary school) she did remove me from her friend list.she annouced to every1 in her FB that she'll delete three kind of person 1) STALKER 2) friends who never  say hi and talking at her back 3) girls who is looking over her boyfie.i think i fall in the second category. maybe because i had once wrote in my blog about free hair girls from religious school and maybe she did open it and feel like i'm talking about her at her back.well is this called talking at someone else's back?duh~ plus---like why should i care?owh..u r welcome to remove me if u didn't like the first place, she's the one who added me, and i confirm it just because i didn't want to hurt her.haha..
if she had come across my blog, thank God at least i have done something good. she's for sure sexy, think she's hot and always writing bad words on her FB. duh why should i have a junior behaving like this?
p/s hey u all from religious school especially (all Muslim girls are included)------at least cover your head.put something on it. showing off your hair is a sin! in case some of u did forget

Thursday, April 15, 2010

finally, it was over!

As the title suggest, it was finally over! MY DEAR THESIS has finally completed! the end of Study of Abiotic Stress Related microRNA genes in Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana (AA n BB genome). i am satisfied though i didn't sure  I've suited the requirement to get a good grade or not. relieved it was submitted after two weeks without proper sleep n rest. I'll miss the thing.the lab works, the hardship, the busy moment of preparing thesis, the day i went to the was all awesome though sometimes i just want to skip the time because of tiredness. the moment that i wish it could run faster has now becoming moments that i don't want to forget, moments that i don't want to lose, moments that i always wanted to remember. It was always hard to start a new thing, but it gets harder to let go things we used to. for this moment, i want to remember it the most *^_^*

Sunday, April 11, 2010

closer to the end

duh~~sigh** i'm getting bored looking at Microsoft Office 2007. every single minutes i have to open it and of course do some editting. every time i looked at it, i must've corrected sumthing. it's hard to write a thesis even just at undergraduate level, i feel like there'll be no more dissertation or phd things in my mind for future. a lazy last minute girl like me would not be able to resist pressure at master or phd no no. i just couldn't bear it enough. i know myself very well. but if sumbody offer a master or phd for k-pop thingy, i would like to join =p. my thesis writing will come to the end. tomorrow i'll meet Dr Jenny for final correction. next time, i'll tell more about my project (too late? =p)  and also about my sunbae who has been contributing a lot to my project..till now, let's finish it up...

Monday, April 5, 2010


1) Don't read Daily K-Pop News at least twice a day
2) Don't read Cassiopeian Site once a day
3) Don't download any K-Pop MV a day
4) Don't think about K-Pop at least five times a day
5) Don't use any Korean or Japanese phrase a day
6)Keep worrying about my tomorrow test. I have a test n pre-viva tomorrow!!!

What's gonna be with me in the future?A K-Pop stalker? Thesis hasn't yet completed, PMB lab report yet to finish. No preparation for tomorrow's test. No preparation for much lacking of preparation, yet to update blog. I just can't think which one is which, i mixed them up. Reading the notes remind me of my presentation tomorrow. Reading the slide, remind me of the test. Reading the notes, remind me of my lab report. Everything has to be completed soon. OMG i need more time. I'm not stressfull but i'm annoyed with myself. Being cool all the times =p


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