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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lyrics To A Song Without A Name Part 1

Have I ever told you this.

After a probation period of a few months in 2003, we, the team members, finished our first task with ease
In 2004, we were the employee of the month, with countless top results, but we couldn't feel content with just that
We were unable to contain ourselves and we started wanting more.

2005, we embarked into the overseas market, we thought everything would go smoothly like it had in Korea.
On our first attempt, we had the worst results possible and that was when my confidence started to drop.

A language we couldn't even speak
Every day we'd be at our lodgings or the office
An imprisonment that they claimed wasn't an imprisonment, saying it was for our own good

An excessive amount of solitude, tears and rage
These were what made us one
Saying that we couldn't part ways no matter what happened
Saying that we should always be together
Saying that we should resemble each other's good points
We said these things in our hearts and kept running

One day, we finally reached that top position we had so earnestly wanted
We each took our phones and contacted our families and friends.

That day had finally arrived.
From then on, everything started to go so well.

Records selling hundreds of thousands, winning every award out there and harvesting the fruits of our labor.
It felt like even when we cried, those tears dropped softly

The reason we were happier than any joy or sorrow
We, who never gave up and ran till the end
The reason we were stronger than anything else, was because we were one

You have already changed. (I can't stay in that spot forever)
I'll be the first to turn my back on you. (I can't be shedding tears forever)
I'll call out your name, though you keep going so far away (Fly me high into that sky)

We had been running for quite some time.
When we were surrounded by an unexpected, big wall
And the thought, 'Has it always been this dark' stayed in my head for a long time.

Once, this happened.
With the ever growing business expenses, and the increasing debts
The situation became something I could no longer handle on my own

Our CEO had once said these words to us
Tell me whenever you need something. Because we will always be family to each other.

Tell me whenever you need something.
Remembering those words, I took the courage to call him and ask him a favor.

Though I had this strange feeling inside of me, he was the only person I could rely on back then.
Because we were a family who would stay together forever.

Though I built up the courage to ask him a favor, all I received was a cold refusal.
His words made me so mad, but I contained myself and asked him once more to help me out.

He hung up on me.

I couldn't stop the tears streaming down my face.
I couldn't think straight because he wasn't the family I had always believed he was till then.

When he needed us, we were family to him. When we needed him, we were strangers.

More amazing things happened as more time passed.
Hearing that we had finally struck gold overseas and brought in results so unimaginably astronomical,
I walked into the office with a spring in my step to receive my pay.

Our team members were looking at each other with excited gazes.
We complimented each other on how hard we had worked.

But the statement of accounts we received said we were at a deficit
I thought I had seen the figures wrong so I checked again
Everything was listed under expenses
Damn it, how could all that money have gone towards paying expenses.
What kind of expenses were there to make that much money vanish?

I couldn't believe my eyes so I asked them to show me the detailed statement of accounts that I had never seen before.
They told me they would show it to me, but I ended up never seeing those few sheets of paper as all I did was work.

The amount of questions I had grew the more time passed.
The headaches grew the more our team members got together and thought about it.

If I was to say just one last thing
Are the things we do for the company
Really and truly things that are for the company?

Sure, let's say they were. We, the kind souls, will let that one slide.
We will forget it, for the company, and for us, who have been together for so many years.
But that isn't right, those aren't things you should be saying to us.

Were you seriously planning on disappointing us till the very end?
When you called, all you did was talk about our team members behind each other's back, it was so hard to trust you.

This is exactly like what our seniors said. Did you want to keep the ones who'd still willingly make money for you?
A senior told me that the family the company always talked about, would make it hard for us to survive if we left the company
Those words refuse to leave my mind

Though I have so much more to say,
I can't because I feel so frustrated at the thought that someone will torment us more when this song is released.

Anyway, though life is hard, we are working hard and doing well.
We are trying to really smile though we continue to be tormented by someone.

This effort of ours is not the effort of a mere product.
It is the effort that is driven by the thought
That we want to die with no regrets when we leave this earth.

-Commentary by Yoochun-

Yes, in the end, it's JYJ.

Yesterday and tomorrow, though I've thought about it all day long
I can truly feel the difference between then and now at 25, my age

I will now put this pen down.
But my heart it at ease right now.

Because I am able to feel the love of our fans......
I'm thinking of sharing the load I have kept in my heart all this time.
Though nothing is ever easy, my heart is at ease.
I'm happy because we have our fans for our family,
I'm always thinking of you all......
I love you.

So could you believe in us till the end.
Could you tell us that you love us.
We'll work hard till forever, so could you stay by our side.

Because we still have you
And you still have us

I promise, that I'll show you everything eventually.
Yes, we are JYJ.

"You have raised the palace walls and firmly closed the door
They say that love is not imprisonment
Love is letting go to fly freely
But I don't even expect that much
For we, who you made, are not even worth half of half of half of that.
We are nothing but eternal frogs living in a well."
(Excerpt from the musical 'Mozart!')

Though I still have so much to say
I will end it here.

Source: [DC Gall]
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Show 3 Organizer (Malaysia) | ♥ Oh Shoot! It's in blog♥

Super Show 3 Organizer (Malaysia) | ♥ Oh Shoot! It's in blog♥


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going to Kpop Party tonight!

Annyeong! I'm full of energy today. As i opened my eyes, i started to smile like crazy. HAHA. I rarely wake up and smile because i hate waking up early. I usually wanted to sleep back but i couldn't. I'm a working girl okay. Eyza texted me at 7.30 informing that she had arrived at KL Sentral. Beast and the others are staying at Hilton Hotel, just opposite KL Sentral so she's going to stalk them all over. I suddenly feel so excited as she told me that the greet session went well and the winners of greet session got a free Kpop party t shirt and going on the same bus with the idols! omooo..spazzing! Isn't that great for me to send them back tomorrow in the same bus!!! Fainted fainted (((^^)
The jantung pisang supplier seems like understanding me. He couldn't find any jantung at the moment, so i'm hooray today and tomorrow HAHA. TQ vey2 kamsa ahjusshi! Nomu joahae :)
I cannot concentrate on the labworks today, that's why i dun want jantung pisang today. I'm afraid i'll just contaminate them all. So excited! :)
Are you guys going? I'm soooo beast :)

Update: My namja chingu got two free platinum pass to the concert. We originally bought the silver pass, but now i'm changing to platinum :P

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The bad side takes place again


So i tend to be more cruel than ever. I think at this particular time, i feel like being Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Two different characters in a same person. I can even kill people at this stage so please stay far from me. Don’t say i didn’t warn you.


p/s I need a bowl of Ramyun..Spicy one with a sauce plate of kimchi

I need to regenerate….but how about …?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I started to favor Tumblr

Salam & hi people..
I created a Tumblr account since July last year but haven’t have time to discover. Now i truly understand how it works and for me it’s much easier and much much comfortable for me to write there. Somehow i feel regret for not knowing the advantages earlier. You will only feel once you experience it. This is the link if you interested to stalk :p
In not in a good mood due to the war. Ouh i feel terribly sick. I love listening to HoMin’s comeback. In fact, i love all the songs in Keep Your Head Down, but some misunderstanding and controversial issues shown up. I just can’t stop feeling bad. But i have not changed the faith.. once a Cassie. forever will be

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The worst part of being a fangirl

Hello hello (with the tone of Hello SHINee)

I am glad to be part of this fandom world. Yes, being in this world making me realize that there is another way of living a happy life. Not that I didn’t satisfied with my current stat and started to live in my own imagination. But people said we have to move on, and figure out what is the best and if we cannot opt, there will at least be one thing that we can hold on to an extend that makes us alive..again.

Most fangirls love living in fandom world. If not, they won’t waste their time to spazz  and stalk their idols like 24 hours a day, thinking and only searching all about the idols. Don’t really know the reason why is this all happening, especially to me. It’s like a drug addict. You can’t stop once you get addicted. But this addiction haven’t yet cause any negative side effect except that this addiction is spreading all around the people who lives near me. I guess it’s not a bad idea.

There are so many grown up K-pop artistes every single day. I, honestly,  adore  Korean guys a lot! keke. Sorry Malaysian guys :P

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dream a bit, act a lot

Hi and salam dear readers,

As usual, busy with labworks. I can’t manage myself to spend little time for blogging or even to log in to blogger. I should get a broadband, it will be a lot easier for my weekend online. I rely completely on wireless system in UM. It’s not that i am too stingy to buy a broadband, it’s just that it haven’t yet come to the priority. I spend most of my time at home only at night, after work. Coming back from the lab, i must’ve been totally fatigued. After dinner, i will watch K-drama, the only thing i will spend my time on no matter how tired am i. Weekend is the only day i wish i can be online. But i usually love to go shopping instead of being at home. Even if i can’t go shopping, i will definitely go for the window one.

So, when is the time i will really be online? Probably at the lab. When i have less work to do. But recently i have a lot..poor me. I can just log on to Facebook and check on my Twitter for less than 30 minutes.

Eh, back to the topic. Why i put this as a topic? Simply because i feel so!

Today, i cultured 20 banana male buds which is quite impressive (HAHA!) Most of the quotes i admire said that self reflection is a very good motivation. So, rather than waiting for other people to acknowledge you, acknowledge yourself. Rather than waiting for other people to appreciate you, appreciate yourself.

Have you dream of something that you wanted to become reality? I guess so. Me? I sleep normally between six to seven hours daily. Most of the time, i will dream of something i won’t possibly achieve. Something near impossible. But i haven’t give a damn at all. There is still some little dream i can make true.

I’ve been dreaming not just when i sleep, but also when i was awake. Ouh..a girl full of dreams, it’s me :)

Dreams are just like goals to be aimed at. It’s not just an illusion. We can make our dreams come true because not all dreams are impossible to suit our reality. We never know what lies ahead. So, try hard :)

It’s not to late to say “Happy New Year” to all :)


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