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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bersamamu lebaran..enjoyable yet so meaningful

Yesterday, October 19, i had a programme called 'Bersamamu Lebaran' at pdk selayang.It's kinda community center for without mum and dad's child,OKUs (the disable) and single mums. It was under my residential college's project in charged by Kelab Penyayang.I was holding the most unfavourable role in this project which is to handle the module bureau.had really stealing lots of my study time to create a module, meetings, reschedule all the stuff, listing the stuff module and lots more.but honestly, by holding this position (especially being a leader in this bureau) meant a lot for me.not only i appreciate real time manner, but also i learned how to react in a very critical if u have a test tomorrow but at the same time you've to attend the meeting.u cannot escape because you're the bureau, this project also exposed me to a broad kind of communication.when the first time i stepped my foot to pdk selayang for a brief discussion with encik yusof, the caretaker of the organization, is where i learned the way professional do increased my self-confidence as well as my emotional quotion.when the occasion starts, we did have some unexpected event like the OKU's will joined the modul activities (before, we are told OKU's not involved) so we have to change the tempo of activities.the other one is the time management.the registeration suppose to be on 8.30 am but only on 9.30, most of the participants begin to is a little bit hard to take care of the OKU because they mostly are not normal (though not all), but with our committe member's commitment, we doesn't really face any serious chaotic.just a little bit unexpected event occured.overall, i was happy and hoping that i'll go there again..only if i've been given chances again..thanks for all the committe fellow bureau-akma,adilah,pija and wani thanks a lot for your cooperation and helping me up in giving ideas and also memories..thanks also to aisyah, the project manager for your help and patience towards me..hehe..anuar also for always 'follow up'..hehe..not to forget all the committe members who helps our bureau a lots during the day.ttk bureau zati and elyas for helping us in arranging our activities stuff, look for the videos, slides and lcd' was working smoothly..i didn't no if u all didn't help me...sure anuar will fire me..huhuhu..thanks for the memories.......


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