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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A must watch Korean Drama!

Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian. It's our 53th Independence Day

K-drama (Korean Drama) u should never missed to watch:
  • MUST WATCH!!! King of Baking Kim Takgu

Why u have to watch?

Lee Minho in Personal Taste

# I'm bad at description. But i can assure that this is the best drama after Cinderella Unnie. KBS world has been broadcasting best drama this year, starting with Iris and Cinderella Unnie which drives me like crazy to adore those two very much. Yoon Si Yoon or Kim Takgu is the main reason why u have to watch. He is pure and sincere, he makes people laugh and cry. OMG i'm really fallin love with this guy. Perhaps he's not handsome as Lee Minho as an actor but he is super duper cute! I put him the same level as Choi Minho. They both will make ur eyes stuck on the screen (not to blink a bit lol)
# Besides the look, u will feel mouthwatering (danger during fasting at night only!). Yoon Si Yoon and all the other actors working at the bakery, they baked their own bread. Indeed, it's not baked by anyone else, but they did that themselves! (watch behind the scene). Super talented actors & actresses
# Yes, i'm really bad at description or synopsis. U have to watch urself to prove if i'm right..keke
Where to watch?
# If u have KBS world channel at home, u just have to watch the drama every Wednesday and Thursday around 9pm (Malaysia, HK) until 10pm. Repeated on Sunday around 11.15 till 1.30
# Watch online at Dramacrazy.This is a legal streaming site. And what i like the most about Dramacrazy is that they will stream the drama damn fast. Faster than Mysoju. 
But first, u have to install the vikii plugin to watch

Where to download?
# For some people, they just can't made it to watch at that particular time, or having a slow internet connection to watch online. No worries, u can just download them via
Silent regards. The site provided u with the latest updated episodes. But u have to register first to be able to download, but believe me, it takes just a few second. U will download them using Megaupload
# If u don't like to download using Megaupload (i know that since Megaupload gives u headache with its limitation), click here to download using Mediafire. After u have completed to download all parts, u have to join them with HJsplit (i'm sure all of u know this)
# Download using torrent. I have using torrent to download some of my drama collection. Just because it's easier but it highly depends on your internet connection. I cannot give direct download link since i didn't make store them as a list. Anyway, u can go to d-addicts and search them by date. It's worth taking up some efforts

I have my own list of download. It will be easier for me to look at missing episodes and subs. I haven't yet get chances to watch Nae Yeojachinguenun Gumiho (My Girlfriend is A Nine-tail Fox) and I will definately watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal because owh yeah i'm a Cassie. Yoochun is the actor. If u too are Cassie, u'd be glad to watch these trio singing the OST. I miss them badly :(

Today's post is mainly on K-drama. I have been asked by some of my friends what K-drama to watch at this time. Firstly i told them that they should focus more on praying hard as we have entered the third phase of Ramadhan. It's a waste to not working hard on it. But anyway, i managed to suggest some of K-drama that I've watch just around 5 month ago until now. This is the best i've watch so far (even though it's still airing)

Yoon Si Yoon's pic: Credits to google
Lee Minho's pic: My own collection. Take out with full credits


Monday, August 30, 2010

Hope is a dream that does not sleep

It doesn't matter even if i'm lonely
Everytime I think of you, a smile spreads across my face
I don't mind even if i have a hard time, whenever you are happy
My heart overflows with love
Just like today, in the harsh world that i'm in
Even if it's not easy, i just close my eyes and only the image of you remains
The dream that is still ringing in my ears
Turns towars you from my side

Everyday my life is just like a dream
Being with you, falling in love with you
I'll stand up again
For me, the happiness of those precious memories
Will be warmer during a hard time
Hope is a dream that never sleeps

Be always at my side, beside me like my shadow
Silently you come towards me
Everyday, to see how hurt and lonely i am
You come to me with feelings of longing

I don't mind even though this world makes me cry
Because you're always here by my side
Will those memories turn into dust?
I just smile to comfort my heart

No matter how many times I stumble and fall
I'm still standing like before
I have only one heart
During hard times you become my strength
Forever my heart will only be for you

So i supress the hurt and grief in my heart
And only show you my smiling face
Now it does not hurt anymore

I'll always cheerish the dream that i want to fulfill with you
And try to call you even if the place is beyond my reach
I will love you with all my heart

Credits to: Kyuhyun my star, SM Entertainment, Youtube kikiirox


Friendly blogger of the month

Today, i felt like going to reward someone. I dont have any like a reward banner or what, i'm really stuck at doing that. I just want to say thank you and keep writing. Hwaiting! This award is dedicated to:

  • Firstly thank you for being such a nice blogger. He is someone who will reply any question u asked him whether he knows the answer or not.
  • A very kind young man. I asked him to design a watermark for me and he did that without demanding anything and is done absolutely fast. (actually i'm just kidding asking him that, but now look, the watermark has become my header)
  • I love his site. He always change the look of his blog, maybe because he wanted to cheer up the visitors, so that they wont feel bored looking at it.
  • He puts shoutbox mix on his blog and i believe he replied to each and everyone who dropped by (some bloggers dont even put shoutbox because they are so called probloggers and dont need them)
  • Very polite. You will notice them if u read his entries
  • Wan Hazel, u worth being my blogger friend :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Allah, please correct me if i'm wrong

Sometimes, we do not realize that we have done mistakes or committed sins. It is because a lot of our times have been spent too much to chase a little profit of the world, to get the title of famous person, a little bit higher position and a little amount of money and a little house that we think big enough. Oh Allah, sometimes i did the same too.Poor me, chasing something uncertain and forgotting something much much more glorious in the day after. Oh Allah, please guide me as the only one who knows everything, knowing me better than i do. Oh Allah, i am really grateful, because i'm still in this path..Alhamdulillah

p/s Read this entry for more

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If u dont love, just soon as possible

Annyeong! It's frustrating to hear that a 4 years love end just like it never happened. What is the big problem that cause an ultimate end for a beautiful love before? A couple which was envied by a lot of people. A boy whom endlessly trying so hard to get that girl's approval. I saw the moment they started dating, the moment that girl was happy receiving a teddy bear, flowers and the happiest present from him is the ring. I can see that the girl was so much in love with that guy but that guy seems to be not really into it. I know both the guy and the girl. Both are my friends since Foundation Studies. Now, they are breaking up. It's sad to hear that. But just think wisely. It's not easy to get somebody whom will love u unconditionally, but if things get worse, what else can we do. Be tolerate and if nothing can change, i'll pray the best for u two

image credits to google

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No other

There's no other person like you, even if i look around, it's still you

Where am i going to find a person as good as you?

A heart as good as yours

I'm so glad, that the person who will protect me is you

Can you find another girl as happy as i am?

Someone that smiles as bright as me, the happiest girl


When my warm hands get cold

When my strong heart receives piercing wounds

You'll hold me, embrace me, silently

Even it's just a small comfort

I know that your heart always wanted to give me more


My heart screams happily, my soul has awake

I always love with this sole heart from the beginning

There are many more days than the time we've walked together


When my poor heart dazzling changes bit by bit

When my heart's contents grow, and my greeds don't flow anymore

I understand all the reasons clearly

That you've been here, that's just it

I'm always thankful, will i ever be as good as you?


I'm a little, just a little shy, but you don't know inside of me

Understand my heart, it's warmer than the sun

The boys that appeared on TV shows shine on the stage

But you're always dazzling (naega michyo michyo Baby)

When you say i love you, the world is mine

You and I, you're so fine, is there anyone like you?

I love you, you're the only one for me

Please know that you're everything for this fool

We've walked the same path, we're resembling each other

Just amazement, just gratefulness, just love

Just no other



p/s This is dedicated to my namja chingu. A translation of 'No Other' by Super Junior. I editted the lyrics to suit me. But truly, this is what my heart says. SuJu just understand what am i going to tell my namja chingu. Kamsamida oppa

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can i have a student price forever?

I went to make a new glasses yesterday and i was happy because i was introduced to a student package glasses. Worth rm159 including frame and lenses. They didn't even asked if i'm a student or not. I asked my lil sister. Do i look like a 19 year old girl? Haha. Or maybe their glasses were not sold out, so they promote me that. I didn't know. But the one that i'm wearing previously cost plus a hundred ringgit of my new glasses. Not really a branded one, just an ordinary full frame glasses, and that was a student package as well but in a different. A very good point of being a student is that i can find myself having discount for certain things (but not for SuJu tix)

p/s In a mood of being myself again..I wrote for myself...over again

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Graduation Day

DATE: AUGUST 7, 2010

Love Myspace Comments

Gyeopta Babies *^___^*

Nur Diana Dharsya. Miss Hi- Goat's niece -- Gyeopta right? hehe

 Ha Seon, the baby in Three Dadies One Mum. Editted by Eun Hoon

Picture Comments Myspace Comments

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Days

Meeting your besties is one of the most happiest moment in life. For me, we are given just a few true friends in life. The others were just friends at the moment they need u and u need them. Not the whole entire life. Luckily i have my besties since 5 years ago, and still we are getting along very well, just like the first moment we meet. I love my friends..all of them who appreciate me. That's why i'm spending my time here, before my convocation day. I know it'll be harder for us to meet in the future. Let's give pic talk

From left, Shafiza, Akma, Husna, Adilah, pregnant mum Fahrulina & me. As usual, this is Midvalley, grocery store for UM student :)

Mr Elyas..a face of victory.haha
Pija's pose
The players
Nu'man at Jusco Bukit Tinggi
Dharsya at Acik Nurul's room
Pose in front of Hinode Shop at Jusco Bukit Tinggi
Nurul Akma Osman a.k.a Miss Hi Goat


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