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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A letter to my boss: When my anger reach it’s limit

It’s almost five months since i started working as a Research Assistant, here in UM. Being paid underage is not really matters even though i was expecting to be paid more than what i received. I bet anyone who replace me will not stay any longer than what i did. There are two things that restrict me from quitting. My love for lab works and my sunbae. If not for those, i have left the lab and seek for another make sense job.

I am just a worker. And my intention is not wanting to be praised like heaven by my so called ‘boss’. I dun even care if she doesn’t recognize my hard work. But saying that i am not productive when she herself only comes to the lab like twice times in a month is too much. It sounded silly when you just rely on your so called spy to report everything happened in the lab. Come on. A loyal dog may bite its owner one day. This is an unfair judgment, i feel deceived.

Since i am just a contract RA not any longer than a year, doesn’t mean that you can throw shits all around my face. Just because i am not worth to be considered doing well, doesn’t mean you can humiliate me like i have done nothing for the lab. I was patient enough to wait for my late payment which was like two months delayed. That ahjumma, who is my boss’s spy, didn’t prepare the cheque for me, which i think was done on purpose. OK. When she didn’t do her work properly, that is not considered not productive. Isn’t that part of her job scope and since she failed to do so, are you actually aware of it? Not at all, isn’t it? Just because she is your loyal dog. Or maybe for you, it was just a small matter. Or maybe you never care.

It is totally unfair when you just use a person to evaluate me. Why not you install CCTV at every corner of the lab and i am sure enough whom are you going to nag first. That way, you can see that the dog you’ve been trusting all these while is playing hide and seek game in the lab. She rarely does her job or maybe it’s me who doesn’t really understand what is her actual work. And why the hell is she bringing her 18 years old daughter to the lab? To online since morning until evening? This is so full of crap i dun understand.

That’s why you have to be more careful. Your reputation may goes down because you seldom pay attention to your own lab, but just receiving reports from that person. That ahjumma whom they all called ‘kak’, which is for me is far from reality. I am 24 years old by fact, and my mum is 46, a year older than that ahjumma yet my mum looks ten years younger than her. I cannot believe myself when i heard that she said she is 45. I was like hard to believe because she looks 10 years older than her age.

Maybe because i rarely communicate with her, rarely talk to her, rarely throw sweet words to her face that making her to have some bad idea about me. Why not the boss asked the sunbaes, or why not she meet me in person and asked me if i have any problems? Why do you have to say those thorns? You know nothing out of nowhere and just believe that crappy ahjumma words. I know my sunbae back me up. I dun feel relieve at all because i know she believes the spy a lot more. And because he is my sunbae, she will feel that he is trying to protect me. *sigh*

This is just a beginning for me, a starting point, but i feel so offended. I’m not losing hopes, because i know what i do, and because i have some people who still trust me. If no one in the lab will want to trust me anymore, okay, let’s just stop all this. Maybe she will not read this, maybe none of you will be the reader, but at least, i have let fandomreality to know this..she listen to me more than any people out there do. It’s me who doesn’t care much of her appearance. Mianhae :(

If you are the boss, make sure you be fair to your employees. Because you will be judge at the end of the day, you have far more things to be questioned more that we, the employees do. If you are the boss, call me for an interview..haha

p/s Weird fact about me. I never apply for any job ever in my life. Not even once. Crazy isn’t it

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is what makes me jiggled tonight. He's stunning hot i simply love it

MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships” Part 1 revealed!~
This is what I've been waiting for..Love it! Love it!
Minho ya..wae wae wae............every single movement of yourself takes my breath away :0

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So, this is my life

Home is always a perfect place for calibration,.. like always. Since i was twelve, i didn't stay home for a long period. I went to a boarding school, then for foundation and finally university. People said the farthest you travel, the more experience you'll get. Well, sometimes i agree, but sometimes i deny that fact. But most of the times, it's something you can't deny.
Living away makes you feel independent, and importantly for myself, more matured. Yes, i may not look like a 24 years old girl in terms of physical and some immature acts, but you can never judge a person's maturity by observing their physical and their nature. I am a fond of Kpop, forever and after will always be, an ice-cream hard core and teddies lover. I always attached to those cute creatures whenever i saw them. That makes me look like a kid all the times.
Well, i assume that is what has been built inside of me. Something that has becoming my personality, not too much to say that the genes been expressing themselves so obviously (that might have been silenced before). Age is just a matter of digits. Each year, you add one more digit to your previous year. That, for me, meant nothing. Age can be true if you act like one. When you aged, doesn't mean your maturity goes along. It's hard to tell, but it's not easy to distinguish between whom have aged and whom who do not. I started to ramble all over.
When i finished studying, at least after i graduate from a degree, people start asking cliche questions
1) So, you are a graduate now. Are you working? What type of job? How much you earn monthly? Is that related to your course?
2) When are you getting married? Don't hesitate, put an engagement first (lol advises, advises!~)

My answer to question number two:
I own my life. I dun need your advises regarding marriage. I have my own goals. I have my own thoughts. I never intend of getting married at this level. I know myself better that you :)
 Because this is my life...........................................................

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