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Monday, May 11, 2009

huhu...i'm back

it's been quite long time i left my blog.yup..for a month it should be consider long enough.well, kind of busy preparing with exam n stuff like assignment and all that.i can breath again right now coz exams have ended (though it's damn horrible)..i am home now and i was happy coz i was hoping to watch tv n dvd's all the times during the semester break.well, though i was sad over something..i really dunno what to do.i've become extinct in someone's life.well, that person wants to eliminate me.what else can i do?huh...sigh~shikatanai....
erm...talking about moments to remember..i did enjoy my holiday with my coursemates!!!it was awesome...great great time!!we were playing, singing and chatting nonstop since the day we arrived at langkawi.dun forget bout how crazily my coursemate taking pictures all over the place.if they can, they want to take a pic for every second counts!!hehe.we were staying at lyn's house (so we save a lot!!lols) we save budget for foods too..and laundry for free!!lols
the neighbours were all kind and makcik even deliver asam pedas to lyn's house for lunch.i thought that this never exist these days, but it did!i love the time when we go to the beach and play a lot.i wasnt intended to wet my clothes since i didnt bring extra tshirt, but they all force me to ride the banana boat, so i was awesome...(best sgt..hehe).the most hilarious part is when fauzi fall off the boat..hehe.lyn didnt recognize that.mar is the one who saw fauzi floating on the water...lols..we laughed out loud.luckily he noes how to swim.if i'm the one who falls off, i dont noe whether i'll still be alive or not...hehe


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