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Friday, November 21, 2008

genting theme park!!

before i went back home,(sem break is more or less a month) i went to genting highlands (theme park k!)it was so exciting because i love theme park!i've went there before with my schoolmates (during my school time),but this vacation is much more meaningful because i'm already in university (i've grown up..lols)..the weather was so cool.there were lots of people--because it was school holidays--shikatanai..have to que damn long..but the roller coaster was cool-though i'm dreaming something more frightening!! disappointed because i can't play that solero--the rain was so heavy--huhu.i'm going there again--next semester~with whom?not decided yet.maybe i'm going to ask...(in my mind only..not to display..)
arrived at gombak terminal at 7.dropped by at sentral kl to buy ticket for wani.then arrived at kuaz bout 10 was a great time!!i love it--pics on my facebook

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

time u enjoy wasting is not wasted!!

i just came back from genting highland..guess what?i met a guy in my drem!!whoash!!huhu..
but i'm really tired rite now.gotta have some rest first.i'll write later k!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

only human-one litre of tears

流れる季節の真ん中でふと日の長さを感じますせわしく過ぎる日々の中に私とあなたで夢を描く3月の風に想いをのせて桜のつぼみは春へとつづきます溢れ出す光の粒が少しずつ朝を暖めます大きなあくびをした後に少し照れてるあなたの横で新たな世界の入口に立ち気づいたことは 1人じゃないってこと瞳を閉じれば あなたがまぶたのうらに いることでどれほど強くなれたでしょうあなたにとって私も そうでありたい砂ぼこり運ぶ つむじ風洗濯物に絡まりますが昼前の空の白い月はなんだかきれいで 見とれました上手くはいかぬこともあるけれど天を仰げば それさえ小さくて青い空は凛と澄んで羊雲は静かに揺れる花咲くを待つ喜びを分かち合えるのであれば それは幸せこの先も 隣で そっと微笑んで瞳を閉じれば あなたがまぶたのうらに いることでどれほど強くなれたでしょうあなたにとって私も そうでありたい
i'll put the translation after this..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


hu..~sigh..i was collapsed..dunno why.the exam is just around the corner.just a few days!!i never seen myself so afraid when talking about exams..i'm quite optimist (though only God noes how bad my preparation was).maybe because i dont really care about my cgpa before..but i suddenly realize the importance of it..huhu..that's the worst things to happen in this crucial time.four more days to start my first paper,immunology which is one of most the critical subjects in my course (they said...but for me all of them are extreme hard!)huhu..i was just like not noing what kind of feelings i have rite i afraid?hurm..perhaps..but afraid of what?huhu..maybe my carry marks for all genetics subject wasn't satisfy me,that's why i feel a little bit nervous (sounds weird)huhu..two days strict punishment to myself was too cruel.i didn't have enough sleep and fun.that's why i collapsed..whoa..if mama or abah noes this,i'm sure they'll scold me for being too hard to myself.i felt like my legs and upper parts shivering..stammering to death and its just like i dont have enough oxygen in my blood,making it to collapse.i didn't faint,i just collapse.that's just a sign of exhausted.not an illness..i no that.i'm not being fair to myself and i was caring too much care for the exams.i was cruel to myself!!i just realize i should do next is to fully concentrated on important things and study according to my afford.i should have enough sleep (not excess eh..), enough food and enough joy (this is for not feeling tense while studying)...and...DO NOT show the namida!!i was recently sharing sadness with someone because he lost somebody who is important in his life (i guess).that weird feelings come out when he cried and lost soul flies away and sadness overwhelm me.i think i'm more sad than him.aigoo..i hate to be sad because this will also make me collapse,but shikatanai..(it can't be helped)..fina chan--ganbatte ne!!!ご幸運を祈ります!
행운 시험 모든 최고의 (first time i write hangul on my board) i really have to look up on the dictionary..huhu..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bersamamu lebaran..enjoyable yet so meaningful

Yesterday, October 19, i had a programme called 'Bersamamu Lebaran' at pdk selayang.It's kinda community center for without mum and dad's child,OKUs (the disable) and single mums. It was under my residential college's project in charged by Kelab Penyayang.I was holding the most unfavourable role in this project which is to handle the module bureau.had really stealing lots of my study time to create a module, meetings, reschedule all the stuff, listing the stuff module and lots more.but honestly, by holding this position (especially being a leader in this bureau) meant a lot for me.not only i appreciate real time manner, but also i learned how to react in a very critical if u have a test tomorrow but at the same time you've to attend the meeting.u cannot escape because you're the bureau, this project also exposed me to a broad kind of communication.when the first time i stepped my foot to pdk selayang for a brief discussion with encik yusof, the caretaker of the organization, is where i learned the way professional do increased my self-confidence as well as my emotional quotion.when the occasion starts, we did have some unexpected event like the OKU's will joined the modul activities (before, we are told OKU's not involved) so we have to change the tempo of activities.the other one is the time management.the registeration suppose to be on 8.30 am but only on 9.30, most of the participants begin to is a little bit hard to take care of the OKU because they mostly are not normal (though not all), but with our committe member's commitment, we doesn't really face any serious chaotic.just a little bit unexpected event occured.overall, i was happy and hoping that i'll go there again..only if i've been given chances again..thanks for all the committe fellow bureau-akma,adilah,pija and wani thanks a lot for your cooperation and helping me up in giving ideas and also memories..thanks also to aisyah, the project manager for your help and patience towards me..hehe..anuar also for always 'follow up'..hehe..not to forget all the committe members who helps our bureau a lots during the day.ttk bureau zati and elyas for helping us in arranging our activities stuff, look for the videos, slides and lcd' was working smoothly..i didn't no if u all didn't help me...sure anuar will fire me..huhuhu..thanks for the memories.......

Monday, September 1, 2008

a reminder to myself..i really have to keep saving my money.they all think that i'm a millionaire who possess lots of money and hope that they will be treated.this is bloody unfair! i received scholarship from JPA mainly because they allow me to buy more books not to treat people,buying things that are not suppose to have, giving present to siblings each time i go back home,treating friends everytime i hang out.that wasn't the real propose when JPA offer me their scholarship.please think about this.i have to pay the fees that are highly college fees,my education fees which when sum up will approximately cost more than RM1400.think also about books i have to buy that each book barely reach one hundered.PER books.imagine how much books i have to buy for one semester plus all those photostated lecture notes and past years exam and minus all that,what left to me was just enough for my foods and drinks.consider the fact that living in KL requires more money than anyone else in UiTM shah alam or UKM or UPM needed.higher living cost in KL doesn't allow me to spend much money in anything else.i'll stop buying things which are less necessary.less hang out and less loitering time.spend more time on study because i really have to catch up every single things i've already least,at the end of semester,i have sufficient money to survive.or should i follow lyn?hunting for a job?owh..not for now i guess.she needs money more than i need.she's gonna married but i remain crux of the matter..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

wonderful life

we were friends..sort of

i have loved many things,
like the clouds in the scourching summer heat,
and rain that freezes the skin,
the scent of cool autumn breezes,
and the gentle softness of the earth during spring,
the cosiness of a convinience store at the dead of night,
the slight chill in the air after classes,
the smell of the blackboard duster,
the roar of a faraway truck,
echoing deep in the night..and i wanted us to experience them together..always

Thursday, August 7, 2008

it's raining outside here

it's raining here.quite a long time it didn't fall down as heavy as this.i had to walk to the class with just relying on an umbrella and an anorak.that's for sure if mama find out,she'll never stop lecturing me until i convinced her that i'm indeed okay walking in that 'not so heavy rain' though in fact it is actually not a big deal because since i started the semester,i never get any kind of cough,fever or flu.shows that my immune system is working very well.just a bit of exhausted walking briskly to the class all days.i never want to be late to the class,so i'm a bit run off when i'm pretty late.i dont know why ideas are not coming when i faced this laptop.before i switch it on,there were plenty of ideas coming into my mind.but when i just started,it disappear up in the sky.a termination signal..UUA,UAG,UGA..key off..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

what should i write?

assalamualaikum..i believed this is my first attempt of writing a blog.i cant believe it though!i've wrote something on friendster's blog before,but it always turn out to unsettle post..whack!!a friend of mine,hidayah abdullah..she advise me to put some benificial post in this blog..well,she might be right.pijah had also asked me to do that too.but i just cant stay in front of this laptop writing,scabbering my feelings or opinion and let others to's like a journal.but i dont really think that journal should be shared of.isnt it?watever it is..well tonight is my first night at um.i'm in surau right now because i cannot checkin yet.troublesome..really..i cant wait to see akma,adilah,zati and others tomorrow..bong-bong also..heck???a new life,a new beginning.a new passion and a new aim for this new semester..come on fina-chan!!gambatte daiyo!!!!


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