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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

JYJ Album Showcase Tour presale tickets in Malaysia

Finally, it’s the time I’ve been waiting for. They finally revealed the presale tickets detail :)



DATE: OCTOBER 17, 2010
TIME: 2:00PM



Tickets can be purchased through online and local means.





TICKETING AGENT: FATDEALS (Website: – 24 hours ticket sale. PLEASE check out at the website for more info)




Also, WARNER MUSIC MALAYSIA will have a pre-sale of JYJ ALBUM “The Beginning” on the concert day. They will have open booth/counter during the event.

There will also be songs performance and game session.

For more event information please visit:


More info can be obtained from those links.

Please help spread this! Thank you so much ♥

Source: Redstar Present

p/s:::Im craving for the VIP tix. I want it so badly :(

But getting the tix itself is going to be tough. Pray for me so that i can get to see them. VIP tix is something that i cannot get myself through. I’m unpaid okay. My mum wouldn’t sponsor that much. Plus i never know when SS3 will be sold. I’m afraid they will sell it soon so i haven’t have any backup money. So, have to spent wisely on both coz i just love both :)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kenwooi, kamsamida :)

Hi readers,
Kenwooi commented on my entry :)
Yes, as stated above, Kenwooi commented on my entry. Sounds like hey do we all care? But i do :p anyway. This humble blog never expects comments on any post as i wrote for myself but if there is any, it’s just like, ‘wow’ i got comment! :p
I know a lot of bloggers received bunch of comments once they published their entry. In my case, i haven’t got that much and i didn’t care a lot about it..Chill~~
I have been a fan of Kenwooi since quite a long time. I can tell you it’s simply my type of blog i admire. If you’ve been following his blog, you will like the way he compile things to make a story. Very creative indeed :)
Thanks Kenwooi, for your warm visit :)
p/s Thanks also to Sharinginfoz, for not only visiting but also leave comment on some entries :)
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

JYJ Fan Meeting in Malaysia (Final Date)

Hello guys,

I’ve been waiting for the confirmation of JYJ Fan Meeting a.k.a JYJ New Album Showcase Tour. Yes, finally, Redstar have made a confirmation on this. Sorry PMR fangirls, you should study more okay? JYJ is more like than a legend to us (so-called-adult). You can keep adoring them, but don’t worry too much if you can’t attend the fan meeting. Someday, you’ll get a chance for that  :)


Date: 17 October 2010 (Sunday)

Venue: TBC

Tickets can sales will be on 1 October 2010 (online and local)

Time: TBC

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Book Of Tomorrow

Hi readers!

Have you read ‘The Book of Tomorrow’ written by Cecelia Ahern? I’m no doubt a big fan of her writings. Since I first started to read “P.S I Love You'” in 2007, i just can’t stop reading all her books. The second book of her that i read was “Where Rainbows End”. This is the most captivating novel i have ever read, now being my all time favorite book. The first time i read the book, i can’t stop until i forced myself to bath and eat. I finished the book less than a day which is quite abnormal to me. I am slow at reading books because once i paused, it will take a long time for me to resume back.

The latest book of her that i read was '”Thanks For The Memories”. Like usual, the book never disappoint me. I love the way she create a story, beautiful, a little fiction but nice :) Thanks for the memories affected the way i think, pretty much :)

The Book of Tomorrow, i haven’t read it yet. I really wanted to have this as my collection. For me, i don’t have to read the synopsis, i won’t be disappointed (so confident :p) Give me some money to buy. I am indeed a very poor young lady T____T tsk tsk

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why girls being dumped by guys?


Bye Myspace Comments

I have no experience of being dumped by any man, at least not yet. Being dumped by someone you love is nobody’s wish. I’m pretty sure of that. I have friends even if they were just small in numbers, but once i considered them as friends, they are not just an empty shell, to me, they are my experience, my treasure i will always proud of. What happened to my friends as if i know, will certainly be my major concern as well.

Back to the topic, girls being dumped by guys. Okay let me explain this first. I’m no way of defending girls here, not to be gender bias. But as i started venturing myself into this blogging network, i came to notice that girls expressed their feelings more than guys did. Every little details will be jolted down on their page, joy and happiness, sad and miserable, everything related to feelings will be on the page (without filtrations). I know that when they did all of the above, they will feel at ease.

The worst thing is living without privacy.People know what you do, where you go, where you live, who’s your opponent, who’s your love, what you wear, where you live, you allow people stalking your life and you have nothing to keep for yourself. I don’t deny that sometimes i did that as well, like expressing my happiness and my joy, but i didn’t include details, so there are still some hidden mystery behind.

Sometimes i like to read love stories, but i hate to read the details of how sweet the moment the boy touch the girl’s hand, the moment the boy confessed his feelings to the girls, every words and sentences, the moment the boy gives her a surprise present and so many things I’m sure you know better. If i read the blog one time, i will say that this girl is pathetic. Sorry to be honest.

I can tolerate if the owner wrote some entries of her/his personal affair with their mate, but please not the entire blog plays around the two. Like no other life surround you. Hey, why do i care?

When it comes to a heartbreaking moment, this is the worst thing i never wanted to read. I have a great empathy,  i told myself not to worry much about people’s matter. I feel sorry if it comes to people’s sad love story, but sometimes i blame the one who published their love story too much. By knowing every details about yourself, some rivals may have taken this opportunity to mark you down.

Losing someone you love leaves your heart an empty hole, often heavy weight, without warning will explode into lacerating pain. This torment makes you long for a moment when your life was happier and easier. You tend to hope that your ex will return, sometimes even after a few years of single-living.

Girls tend to have high expectations from their mates, so once they got dumped, it will be hard for them to recover. Being obsessed with their mates, too much dependent on their mates, loving too much without boundaries (especially couples) and restricting their lives to look only at that man. Sounds exaggerating isn’t it? But this is for real. A reality that exposed the weaknesses of a girl.

Being weak is another factor why girls always have a broken heart which is hard to mend. Heart can be broken and mend, but if your heart once turn debris, how on earth will it turns normal?

OMG, i didn’t realize that this is the longest entry i have ever wrote. I talked too much here. I will write soon. Maybe from different perspective. Thank you if you are reading this :)

p/s I have not checked the spelling, forget about grammar, I’m stuck at this

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My love is my pleasure of life

Love Myspace Comments

Love is beautiful, love is sweet, love is life, love is breath, love is wonderful, love is amazing, love is nice, love is food, love is drinks, love is heaven, love is soul, love makes a life.

Love is really a love when two hearts feels the same, when the two person sacrifice for each other, when the two person cannot live well without each other, when the two person doesn’t have to utter a word of love, their heart communicates more than their lips do.

True love never fades, true loves never break, true love never hates, true love never expect much, but they give more. True love never demands and conquered, but they are tolerate.

Love cannot be hold tight as it will be like water, spilling out of hand, you have to handle with care. Love should not go out of rules and regulation, love has it’s limit, love in unconditional, love never hope but love gives more than it takes.

To be loved is by loving, just like to be hated is by hating. Love till the end, heart remains~~



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Windows Live Journal: Experience A Convenient Way To Write Your Blog

I am a big fan of hurulaini. I always do my KD list checkup referring to her site. I  first came across the application ‘Windows Live Journal’ from her site saying that it is a friendly application and suggest to the readers. Then, I tried! It is a way better than writing in the ordinary post entry. You can write directly on your blog, you can see how your writing will appear on the blog, without having to click the preview which is quit annoying to me. Plus, it will take you just a second to insert photos, you can directly edit the photo right on the post, not like before where i have to edit the photo first then upload it. It really hits my patient. And well, if you have more than a blog, i highly recommend you to use this application because you don’t have to open tabs to manage your blogs. It is very much applicable to me. You have to experience by yourself to agree with me. I love to explore and try out new things, it really makes my life easier sometimes. Nope, most of the times. You guys should try out this :)

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Will suicide solved problems?

I don’t understand why people commit suicide? Is this really just because you can’t solved your problem wisely? Is this really because pressure hits you as you cannot hold it any longer? Is this a fate that you wanted? Killing yourself? OMG i really can’t understand. We are human, born with difficulties in life, not just happiness. We were all given heart, soul and also brain to think, a faith to believe and a strong will to move on. You die, and you think you’ve settled—you’re totally wrong. You’ll be facing another no-where-to-go problems. Remember, we’re not living in the world only but the world we are living now will determine our lives in the future. Ad duniya imtihan :)

I wish i will have a strong faith as time passed~~Ameen

Sunday, September 19, 2010



No matter how brutal reality may be, we will not run from it.

Habits are frightening. When something becomes a habit, you take it for granted, and then there comes arrogance and prejudice. Once you grow used to seeing celebrities flashing their dazzling smiles at the camera, you'll scorn at any display of annoyance or irritation; once you grow used to seeing these people as your role models, you'll refuse to accept any inapt behavior. Once you've grown used to all of these things, reality becomes difficult to bear.

Scandal is scandal, it has no relation to truth whatsoever.

The one thing you cannot control in this world is the voice of the public. It may not be the voice of authority or the true voice of the majority. It is nothing more than a voice who claims to represent the majority.

Scandals are scandalous because we make them that way.

We see what we want to see and say what we want to say. The only place in this world where the 'truth' hold holds value is in the courts of justice. This is the kind of world we live in, 'truth' is a tool we use to achieve the things we want, and we'll toss it aside as soon as we're done.

It's true that what doesn't break you makes you stronger.

It would be a shame if anticipation became demand. You look up to and idolize those boys because they're everything you're not. You want them to be perfect, and that is exactly what they become to you. You want to be proud of them so that you can take pride in being a fan. You feel like their pride is no different from yours, and so you want them to do their very best in everything. And because you want them to do their very best, doing their best becomes an obligation that you demand them to fulfill.

Eventually being a 'fan' distorts into something else altogether.

It's the same as how the elderly take it for granted that people should offer their seats to them. It's an obligation, not a virtue.

When you play with children, it is your responsibility to feign defeat or to deal with their crying. It seems as though accepting defeat is not a trait of our nature. The root of this resentment is our tendency to compare. Everybody likes to compare. Comparison isn't such a bad thing, it's a means of putting your strengths and weaknesses into perspective. But when comparing morphs into competition, you'll be met with your destruction.

People who are unwilling to reveal their weaknesses and vulnerability seldom receive any sympathy. Just because someone doesn't wallow in self-pity doesn't mean that they're any more fortunate or any less deserving of sympathy. If you see someone fall or faint in the middle of a road, you'll walk over and help them up. But how about the people who pretend to have it easy? How about the people who silently overcome obstacle after obstacle, all the way until the end? How about the people who refuse to collapse until after they've completed their duty and have moved out of sight?

It all looks so easy when you're not the one living it.

We support because we approve and we approve because of the expectations we had to start with. People who work to satisfy expectations naturally receive support. Purity, cuteness and sexiness, these are things that we like and approve of. But what about them? The pressure of a comeback leave them with no choice.

When they don't approve of something, they'll just tell you 'I don't know' because that's really all there is to say. Nothing less, nothing more. If people demand an apology, well then that's what they'll get.

Sometimes simple gestures speak louder than the songs that they stay up at night to work on. But does that mean that they should give up writing songs and be satisfied with winning people over through mere fan service?

If they fall over and tell us they're okay, we'll forget about it and move on. If they're struggling to get to sleep but choose to stay up and compose anyway, we'll think nothing of it and move on. If they tell us they're okay, then there's no longer a need to fight and defend them. People move on.

This is the kind of world we live in: children who cry get the attention they want.

Do they really have to have a motive behind everything they do? When rumours of them being violent to their fans circulate, when they wear a few layers less of clothing, people jump to the conclusion that they do it to boost their popularity. Does it always have to come to that?

What is Dong Bang Shin Ki?
The love of our lives, the money making tool of large corporations, the dirt in the eyes of antis… But to our boys, they are nothing more than artistes It doesn't matter what other people think because they are living their dream The Dong Bang Shin Ki we see on stage is who they really are They're not smiling to please anyone, they are genuinely happy.

There's no way we'll ever live the same glamorous lives, and there's no way we'll ever understand the hardships they've endured. They are the stars in the sky, so far beyond our reach, and we're nothing more than fans who look up to them. But this is the path they chose and they'll keeping pushing forward through the storm So many things are beyond our control, but the one thing we can do is to stand by their side and to always keep the faith.

Full Credits to:

神起爵跡@TVXQBaidu Trans by: dorehh@DBSKnights 

Retrived from: DBSKnights

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JYJ Fanmeeting in Malaysia

20100826_jyj_seoulbeats Overloaded with happiness!! OMG MySpace Who will not if their favorite artists will be in town for a fanmeeting?  MySpace JYJ a.k.a Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong will be here, in Malaysia for a fanmeeting yay! MySpace Have been a DBSK fanatic since being first introduced by Pijah and is still a big fan of them until now and forever MySpace The details:
Date: October 16, 2010
Venue: MIDVALLEY Convention Centre
Time: 7:00 pm untill 9.30 pm
Ticket price/ seating: NA
I wish i can go, and i will take efforts for that. Midvalley is not a strange place for me. I used to go there twice a week just to have my Butter Pecan Baskin Robins ice cream or even just went there to buy a toothpaste  MySpace
OMG it’s really double happiness for me even though Changmin and Yunho will not be around (because of that damn horrible crisis) MySpace 
Who’ll be going as well??
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I will hate you if...

Google pic

1) You try to mess things up with me when i got nothing to do with your life
2) Insult me for nothing or even for a thing. I can accept critics but i will not tolerate insult or humiliation
3) Interfering my family matter, my personal affair
4) Treat my mum and dad, my siblings and my grandmas like a slave, mess things up with them means that you also signals me for a war
5) Spread rumors and gossips about me, my friends and my family. Owh i hate ugly stalkers
6) Someone who intend to knock me down by talking back at me, damn losers
7) Talking bad about my K-Pop Idols
8) I hate fanwars! It's suck!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheongmal bogoshippo

Miss You Myspace Comments

Miss You Myspace Comments

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Don’t Be Sad

sad baby.thumbnail
Don’t be sad. Life is too short to pamper your sadness. As a human, yes sometimes you will no  matter what cannot control your sadness once it reaches it’s limit. But don’t be sad for something that will not last forever. You love someone, they’ll die one day, you cry for someone who left you, he/she will surely left you one day. If you love your money, bungalow and cars, you cannot bring them to graves. You loves the world, you’ll die one day. You love Allah, you get the greatest happiness you will never have. Don’t be sad. You worth happiness while living :)

K-Pop Nite is just another dreams that will not come true

k-pop nite 
4 hours sold out tickets. No hopes okay!
Waiting for JYJ Fanmeeting

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


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