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Monday, October 22, 2012

Marriage, awkward and food

In a car, conversation goes on like this...

Labmate: When are you getting married?
Me: (Silence)
Labmate: Are you at least planning to get married in few months?
Me: Not too soon
Labmate: Why not? There's no much difference before and after marriage. Life continues as usual with certain changes. In fact, you don't even have to spend a lot, expenditures shall be your husband's responsibility.
Me: Hurm.. There are more than just material. Life after marriage is somewhat completely different from life before marriage. I can't simply go out and meet my friends without his approval. To make it simple, I ain't mentally ready.
Labmate: You'll get used to it anyway
Me: To get used to it, I need a long time. Just like when I try to adjust myself to the lab. How long can you be awkward to your husband?
Labmate: (Laugh)
Me: I'm learning to be an adult so that I can get married. A kid cannot marry a man
Labmate: (Laugh again)
Me: I'm serious
Labmate: Good luck

Try so hard to avoid all those kind of conversation. That's y I prefer talking to Senior WS and Senior W since they are Chinese so marriage is not their main topic for mere conversation like this. We rather talk about food, and shopping, things like that. Talk about food with me more, I shall be happy!


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