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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a long way journey

~it was a long time ago since i wrote on this blog..perhaps a pregnant mother would've delivered a baby! it was damn too long..i am now doing my final year project. maybe half way to go.i never noe doing labworks require much efford..yesterday's PCR mix wasnt that gel doesnt show any primer binding to the band...hurm..wansin's going to overseas for training (perhaps he said it is Beijing Genome Institute) so he passed me to her collegues..i guess her name is suE ee..erm..never no how was she (i hope she wasnt that scary one)..i will miss PBIU (plant biotech incubator unit)
~got a room at 4th floor block leg hurts climbing the stairs..yea..i no i will lose weight by climbing the stairs..but it's just out of my ability..but lately..i'm not much into foods!!wasnt it a great news?!yeah of course..keep it real fina! *^_^*


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