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Saturday, February 5, 2011

So, this is my life

Home is always a perfect place for calibration,.. like always. Since i was twelve, i didn't stay home for a long period. I went to a boarding school, then for foundation and finally university. People said the farthest you travel, the more experience you'll get. Well, sometimes i agree, but sometimes i deny that fact. But most of the times, it's something you can't deny.
Living away makes you feel independent, and importantly for myself, more matured. Yes, i may not look like a 24 years old girl in terms of physical and some immature acts, but you can never judge a person's maturity by observing their physical and their nature. I am a fond of Kpop, forever and after will always be, an ice-cream hard core and teddies lover. I always attached to those cute creatures whenever i saw them. That makes me look like a kid all the times.
Well, i assume that is what has been built inside of me. Something that has becoming my personality, not too much to say that the genes been expressing themselves so obviously (that might have been silenced before). Age is just a matter of digits. Each year, you add one more digit to your previous year. That, for me, meant nothing. Age can be true if you act like one. When you aged, doesn't mean your maturity goes along. It's hard to tell, but it's not easy to distinguish between whom have aged and whom who do not. I started to ramble all over.
When i finished studying, at least after i graduate from a degree, people start asking cliche questions
1) So, you are a graduate now. Are you working? What type of job? How much you earn monthly? Is that related to your course?
2) When are you getting married? Don't hesitate, put an engagement first (lol advises, advises!~)

My answer to question number two:
I own my life. I dun need your advises regarding marriage. I have my own goals. I have my own thoughts. I never intend of getting married at this level. I know myself better that you :)
 Because this is my life...........................................................

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