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Monday, May 23, 2011

2AM autograph session, meet & greet session & showcase (21052011)


IAM for 2AM! Two days with 2AM, is a superb experience, and indeed an unforgettable moment i will remember all my life. Here IAM, fangirling again and again. I just can't stop this obsession. On Friday (20052011), i went to Wisma Bentley Music for 2AM Autograph Session. They gave us a Saint O'clock Album which i have just had one with me. I bought them but now they gave us for free. WTH. Anyway, i managed to get two autograph album, that'll be fine.

This is the first time i meet them in person. They are all so adorable. My bias Seulong~~ OMG! In reality, he is more handsome than i ever imagine. Seulong is so tall, i have to lift my head high to reach his face. keke. He's not as white as Jo Kwon, he's just tan and that's why i love him even more. He's not too thin, not fat, just an average kind. Very manly. Dun ask me about abs, i sincerely dun know ;p

Believe me, they are so sweetie pie and good looking like 100 times better than in TV.  During my turn to get their autograph, my heart seems like exploding when i saw Lim Seulong in front of my eyes. It was just a few seconds and i still can scream "Seulong Oppa! Saranghae!!" (with an aegyo expression ;p) and he was smiling at me and i heard him saying saranghae back at me. I was like fainting at that place, but i can still step on the air. OMG, i felt like i was in the air, flying ever so high. Huh..only that single word and that single smile can make me feel like crazy. Cheongmal michin geot gata

Below are some of the photos i manage to capture, despite the fact that the quality is really disappointing. *sorry* i miss Lumix ;(

I hate your hand bitch!

Still can't get rid of her hand

set the pen..testing one two three

can't see the boys at this moment.the bodyguard's ass blocking the view

Milky Skin Kwonnie

The day ended with a big smile on my face. I think, i never felt this happy before, until the day i meet you :)

The second day,

I win the Meet and Greet session, so i have to register at 2.30 pm. Luckily, i don't have to queue since morning. After registration,  i have to wait until 3.50pm only then they brought us to the hall. Until that time, i only get to know that we are going to take pictures with the idols. So then i went to the stage and take a picture with them. Seulong was near me, so damn close. I said hi and smile to him. I was acting like a fool. Just looking at his face and can't stop saying oppa oppa oppa until they order me to queue in manner. I felt a little bit like a child at the age of 12. Anyway, it was a group photo, so i was like ~ahh. I hate other people staying near me unless they are 2AM :p

The good thing about winning the Meet and Greet session is that we can choose our own seats. We entered the hall 10 minutes earlier than others. I sat on the very centered, strategic spot, the 2nd line from front line. so i can see them so damn clear. I have been to quite a few concerts and showcases, but this one is really close to the stage. The only bad thing is that i dun have a good quality camera. The one i usually use is my sister's camera, she went to Brunei and i dun have any choices. But my heart's picture quality is quite good. The thing is that i cannot upload them here ;p.

OK. Then the show starts with the boys singing, interaction session with super duper lucky fans (ahh~~i really dun want to talk about this,makes me feel sad kkk) then a birthday surprise to the trio, Seulong, Jinwoon and Changmin who celebrates their birthday on May, respectively. Sitting at the front seat is really something special. We can directly saw them clearly without being blocked by banners or lightsticks. The one standing straight to my seat was Jinwoon. He's so charming and kept smiling from the beginning until the end of the show. I was doing so many kind of expression when he was looking at me. The most frequent act was the saranghaeyo sign. keke. I din bring any banners to respect other people's view. At the nearly end of their show, Seulong stood straight in front of me and there i am again. Can't stop looking at him. Poor Jo kwon & Changmin. I focused a lot at Jinwoon and Seulong since Jinwoon stood in front of me all the times, and Seulong is my ultimate bias.

I love the crowd, the performance, the fan service, the voices, the smile. I will remember those beautiful moments. Thank you 2AM for the perfect memories~~with love

Lee Changmin

Jung Jinwoon

Lucky fans! erghh

during the interview

the trio

Jinwoon yahh..what are you doing huh

Look at my muscle!lol

what to do?i'm the cutest ;p

hey girl, dun block me, my fans are looking at me now ;p

Jinwoon: i want to look the other way round lah~

Seulong: dear (referring to me), i look at you now

Seulong: eww..that strange looking thing can be eaten?
Changmin: can you please shut up?i'll eat them up

That cute Angry Bird

I wanna eat the bridge but it's made from plastic. I'm original. I dun deal with plastics. opsss

Seulong: look at this..i want Angry Birds, this thing looks funny
Changmin: hehe i think so. funny lol

Twin Tower Cake* birthday surprise for Jinwoon, Changmin and Seulong

Changmin: in the end, i can't even cut the called surprise? ;p

Seulong: Hyung, why u look sad?
Changmin: i want that cake so badly 


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I'm gonna miss you...IAMs

Take my pic when i'm still looking at your way

Ouh so sad..i'm gonna leave roti canai

I will miss my teh tarik activity :(

My autograph album

Misplace SS2 ticket. put somewhere
upppermost: JYJ Showcase
Digi Live Kpop Beast, G.NA, 4Minute
Super show 3
2AM Autograph session pass
2AM Showcase Pass
Farewell Troupe

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intan said...

oh my god!!!!!!
im so jelly with youuuu!!!
i wanna meet seulong toooo!!!
oh my god what a lucky you are!!

Hime said...

@intan time, you must go to their concert or showcase..MUST! dun make anything distract you.they are really worth your money and eyes

Sharinginfoz said...

wow, minat betul


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