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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please have some respect

Living in community, you have to be alert to the people around you. Don't be selfish, don't think just for yourself as it may annoy other people especially the one close to you.. I, generally have several things I appreciate if someone or everyone around me being tolerable to what I particularly pay attention to.

Please do not criticize my food. While I am eating with you, do not say bad things about what I eat, why I eat that food or complaining the taste of the food. It's just a simple thing. Why talk bad things in front of the food?

I hate people complaining about how I should or should not dress. You aren't even a fashion designer nor you dress better than me. Even if you are a fashion designer, you can't tell me what I should wear. I just don't listen to fashionista. Be it a fashion freak.

Entry will or will not be continued~~
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