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Thursday, September 29, 2011

me2day English version


Have ever been trying to register me2day and got stuck because it's fully written in hangeul? Now no worries. me2day is now available for English (US) version. Say what? You can be friends with K-pop idols! ^^

Been registered early this year but since I couldn't understand hangeul very much, I rarely updates. Now, it's easier although you have to of course understand what the idols are saying. Just like Twitter, but of course Twitter is so much comfortable, just give it a try. 

The main reason why I registered me2day at the first place is to stalk SHINee's member as they do not have Twitter account. The second reason is to practice hangeul but ended up ignoring the site for such a long time keke.

Don't forget to add me as your friend okay!

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