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Friday, March 2, 2012

Can you be less-annoying?

The last post was about three months ago, poor you Miss blog. Had been neglecting you for quite some time. The desire to write is like having an off-limits. Bear with me okay!
Lemme say ya right Miss blog. I come to you as my words cannot be expressed to my sole heart like anymore. Pretty sorry for me eh?
I thought being good to people is the greatest thing all of us can do to create a peaceful life. But it isn't true at all courses. The reason why it isn't applicable to every aspect of your life is simply because not everyone think the same way as you. Example?Ahh, find it yourself, Miss blog getting annoyed?
To make it simple, your 'kindness' doesn't always mean a good thing to the other partners.Some may find it annoying for you to help other people. Cause the one whom you help doesn't necessarily wanted to at least feel honored or blessed by your helping hand. It's like getting a service from a paid vendor machine. You insert the coin, press the button and ta-dah! You got your cuppa! Will you say thanks to the machine? Absolute no is it? Did you actually get what I mean? Just assume you understand Miss blog. I just want to rant few words here, not intending to write the whole story here. Anyway, thanks for the space~


mahfudz said...

setuju..sekarang bnyk mcm tue...suka buruk sangka dari baik sangka...huhuhuhu..smoga kta sentiasa berbaik sangka...u_u

chunna said...

so true!!
aku pn alami.

Hime said...

mahfudz: ya, semoga sentiasa berbaik sangka ^^

chunna: really?? ko pun alami bnd yg sama??


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