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Saturday, May 12, 2012

This withdrawal syndrome

As the whole world knows that I went to Korea on 30 April until 10 May, I just couldn't express how I feel. That is something really indescribable. Maybe because I've been waiting for too long, or maybe because I'm too happy and never felt this overloaded happiness, I was shocked... and it felt like a dream.. 

After coming back to Malaysia, I feel empty, the days are hard to go through, something you may feel after achieving your dreams, at least if not for you, it does for me. Need to create another beautiful dreams, as so does Kyuhyun said........... Hope is a dream that never sleeps

p/s Should I write a proper entry for this trip? Still thinking (is this not considered an entry for that?lol)


mahfudz said...

buat entry..buat entry..buat entry (opps mcm demo plak)hehehe...dan pic sekali...tak sabar nak tunggu entri pasal trip nie...h_h

Sharinginfoz said...

very good experience when we have an opportunity to visit other country

i-sya luvinspired said...

best giler blog awk!


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