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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seoul Ahjusshi 나쁜사람아니요

Suddenly I remember this one ahjusshi when I was in Korea. That night, we went shopping at Dongdaemun. On our way back to the guesthouse from subway station, we met a strange looking ahjusshi. He stared at us like we're aliens. He kept being close and stare like there's no tomorrow. I thought he never seen pretty girls before XD.

After a few meters walking awkwardly with the feeling that somebody is looking at you, I was shocked by that ahjusshi's voice. He definitely said something but I couldn't hear it properly due to the strong wind and traffic. My friend screamed and run away, leaving me behind. LOL. I heard this ahjusshi said "나쁜사람아니요". I'm quite blur cause my friend was far from me, so i just nodded and say "네,알았어"

I also dun think that ahjusshi is a bad person. He's just find us interesting person to look at. Girls wearing scarf, walking in Seoul at night, that doesn't seems pretty normal does it? But ahjusshi, your words, I still remember until that day. As when I watched drama and met this line, I immediately remember that awkward moment. Sometimes, it's good to be there.. even though I was seen as an alien, I hope I'll be there again..for maybe a longer time~~

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