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Sunday, March 3, 2013

K-pop Album and Merchandise Order

So, I'm going to 대한민국 end of this month. Because I have been there last year, I know few places selling albums and merchandise for a lower price. And because I'm kind today, I will want to take orders if one interested. But I need to take FULL payment first for win win situation. If anyone of you happened to know me, that's great! We can meet and I'll give it directly to you or i can just post it when I come back. You have to bear the shipping fee which depends on your items weight. 

Items can be albums, merchandise, Korea souvenir, or SPAO products. Email me if you have any inquiries. Till then, bye


FarhanaDr said...

Wah. Dapat jalan lagi. Fina, boleh tak share sikit kos, anggaran kalau nak travel ke sana dalam seminggu ke. Kos satu kepala macam tu. From tiket pergi balik, hotel dan sebagainya. Heee. :)

Hime said...

Will do insya allah! ^^


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