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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Halal Homemade Kimchi

Hello readers!

I'm introducing my very first product => HOMEMADE KIMCHI!!!!!

Its homemade, fresh, halal, hygienic, natural, MSG free and of course taste GOOD!

I started this kimchi business about a month ago and all praise to Allah, the feedback is quite impressive!

Most of the people who eat my kimchi will asked to repeat order, thanks to Hallyu waves, people recognize kimchi from Korean variety shows and drama.

Apart from the health benefits it offers, kimchi can be manipulated in the ways that will make your meal taste better than ever, Try to put two spoonful of kimchi in your curry, soups or stew, I bet you will definitely love the flavor!

I would say kimchi has a love-hate relationship. If you like it, you will totally LOVE it until the end and if you hate it (even after eating my kimchi!) you will hate it until the end (please don't say so until you've tasted mine) LOL.

Ok. Let's back to business. If you would like to order my kimchi, please follow my Instagram account : @kimchiclan for updates and details of our product. I can also be reached via
Whatsapp +6012-6687567

400 gram: RM12, Add RM7 for postage (WM) RM11 (EM)
600 gram: RM15, Add RM10 for postage (WM) RM16 (EM)
900 gram: RM24, Add RM10 for postage (WM) RM16 (EM)
Special discount for 2kg order and above ^^

Instant noodle with kimchi broth


Azian Elias said...

salam kenal..

dashyat ye.. sampai boleh buat kimchi tu ye.. i went to Korea last month. seronok.. tapi agak kureng sikit dgn kimchi ni.. maybe sebab masam tu kot.. tangy flavor ni i agak kurang sikit..

Sungrin Shim said...

Salam kenal,

Kimchi maybe akan take time utk u suka. macam i dulu, i tak terus mkn kimchi.i eat kimchi ramyun, kimchi jjigae than i fall in love completely with kimchi ^^

Dewi Aja said...

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