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Saturday, July 5, 2008

what should i write?

assalamualaikum..i believed this is my first attempt of writing a blog.i cant believe it though!i've wrote something on friendster's blog before,but it always turn out to unsettle post..whack!!a friend of mine,hidayah abdullah..she advise me to put some benificial post in this blog..well,she might be right.pijah had also asked me to do that too.but i just cant stay in front of this laptop writing,scabbering my feelings or opinion and let others to's like a journal.but i dont really think that journal should be shared of.isnt it?watever it is..well tonight is my first night at um.i'm in surau right now because i cannot checkin yet.troublesome..really..i cant wait to see akma,adilah,zati and others tomorrow..bong-bong also..heck???a new life,a new beginning.a new passion and a new aim for this new semester..come on fina-chan!!gambatte daiyo!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks


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