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Thursday, August 7, 2008

it's raining outside here

it's raining here.quite a long time it didn't fall down as heavy as this.i had to walk to the class with just relying on an umbrella and an anorak.that's for sure if mama find out,she'll never stop lecturing me until i convinced her that i'm indeed okay walking in that 'not so heavy rain' though in fact it is actually not a big deal because since i started the semester,i never get any kind of cough,fever or flu.shows that my immune system is working very well.just a bit of exhausted walking briskly to the class all days.i never want to be late to the class,so i'm a bit run off when i'm pretty late.i dont know why ideas are not coming when i faced this laptop.before i switch it on,there were plenty of ideas coming into my mind.but when i just started,it disappear up in the sky.a termination signal..UUA,UAG,UGA..key off..

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