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Monday, March 16, 2009


i dunno what is actually happening to me.why this heart tend to be vulnerable..again?i used to be like this before but i managed to handle hard to breathe, i dun have spirits anymore.i sumetimes cry like a child.i used to be sume1 who really dun like to matter how hard the situation is.i am a tough person.i can usually handle problems with minor difficulties.WHY AM I STUCKING HERE?WHAT AM I DOING ACTING LIKE THIS???plz come back real me..plz come back..i miss myself..i miss my old me..i was thinking about changes that i've intentionally made.maybe becoz of that.sumething that i choose with my own will have made me jump into this world where i have to endure all this pain..though there were happiness within inside me.things that make me making an isolation..separating from others and avoiding people around me.i tend to cry much more than i smile..i become a hypocrite.smiling..but deep inside i cried like a hell.on the other side..i can sometimes be very happy..smiling and laughing like there's no tomorrow..i really am crazy..nuts..

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