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Friday, February 27, 2009

has humanity gone?

it's hard to go on like this.feeling guilty doing things we loved, but at the same time, hurt others.huhu~life sure is so complicated.but well, should've been that this kind of mood, i just wanna go back home~to my mum n my family..but i'll feel guilty coz i hadnt finished up my assignment!not even started yet! mini instrumentation project, i've got my part.multiple application of research problem in flow cytometry.didn't even have any clues.i was hoping that i'll got application to clinical but they make a coin toss~shikatanai..i'm not that lucky.well, i actually leave my blog quite some time.i wanna write about last week programe, under caring society of my the name suggest, we were visiting oldfolk homes and kompleks anak2 yatim, located at malacca.the duration of the programe is just a whole day.quite tiring, but so meaningful.i suddenly realize some qualities in me, that i actually love all those charity programe (i never knew that before).tears started to flow when we talked to the old man n woman..most of them were abandoned by their own family n child.where children are not able to take care of them anymore or outspokenly, dont wanna care bout them anymore!huhu..sense of love and caring to the old people are ceasing..severely decreasing..i can feel the way they felt, but they are the one who handles the burden within inside their's so painful~being neglected n forgotten by own flesh..who their raised up painfully..without any could they have such heart?obeying is one thing.but what's matter here is not a human being, they've lost natural humanity inside themselves..huhu..i pray for those old people there~they live life well..waiting for their times to come..counting the days..i noe from their faces~they bear a heavy burden of sadness~~~

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