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Sunday, January 31, 2010


After watching "You're Beautiful" drama series, i had fallen in love with Kang Shin Woo. Gosh he's damn super cool!!! I was forgetting about Junsu for a started to google things related to him (this is my usual habit when i started to fallen in love with something or someone..hihi). During my searching, i found that Kang Shin Woo or Shin Woo Oppa's name is Jung Yong Hwa.OMG  it was hard to remember.i am kind of hard to remember names and i always ended up in addressing people with a new name..lols. His character's name in Y.A.B (short for 'You're Beautiful') Kang Shin Woo, i can just started to remember on the 9th episode!!yay...haha..pretty slow isn't it? Well back to my searching, he is currently establishing a new brand boy band. And i'm excitedly happy for sure! C.N. Blue consists of four members i cant remember all as i can only remember faces and Shin Woo Oppa's name only. For sure he is the leader. No wonder n no doubt. That's the strategy. Their first stage debut was extremely hot! I love 'I'm A Loner' so much as i cant stop  listening to it...whooaaa. I really like to watch their live performance! I wanna live in Korea...lols... Pray for C.N Blue to perform better and win lots of award so that they will come Malaysia and i will never missed to watch them. Owh, i should put Shin Woo Oppa's picture here, in case some of the reader didn't noe who he is,,hehe. Well yeah..the video too! daridiridari du!! C.N Blue is quite different from the other boy bands mainly bcoz they play instrument instead of dancing. Their voice and the melody can't just put my ears away from the headphone..Owh my, i'm so much addicted...enjoy ^_^


amalina said... bukan oppa ye.. ni dongsaeng.. kekekeke


ala...oppa jugak!!!!aku muda pe..hehe

mashi2 said...

shin woo oppa married now.. T_T


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