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Monday, February 8, 2010

saengil chuka haeyo *^_^*

February 5, 2010. Fadhil's birthday. One of my course mates. What's so special about his birthday as i happily put in my enty? LOL. Well, if u notice, i never celebrate people's birthday in my entries. I guess so (my memory is terrible, tough). Why do i write about fadhil's birthday? It is mainly because he is the one who treat us on his birthday! Great isn't it? Suppose to be the one who celebrate their 'being old' is treated, but this is the other way round. That's why he gets credit from me =). Yes i noe everybody loves to treat their friends if they have excess money, but not everyone will have a great heart to spend a huge amount of money for the sake of other people's stomach. some rich people are stingy! lol. those who possesed a pure, gentle and dont mind heart will have heart to spend their money and treating their lovable friend..just like what he did *^_^*.so much compliments isn't it? hehe..well i rarely compliment my friends (because my compliments always goes to handsome korean man who always sing a soulfly heart song to me =)..omoo). Geez, this time would be the last time to celebrate his birthday (while i can't even celebrate because on September UM is not anymore my part of life) WE ARE DEPARTING! owh...i realize that i always appreciate something near the time to departure.huh..that's pretty tough to have this kind of feelings. time flows damn fast. even faster than i ever think. and all those memories will still remain *^_^*. i should've eat more raisins so that the adorable moments with all my friends will just  stay in there. thanks all dear friend! i love u all <3

These are satay (i'm sure u all noe..hihi) that fadhil treat us.this one plate of satay can be eaten by one person, but because we are all having just a small stomach, so we cannot but they tapau every little things. luckily the plates were so obvious big to tapau.if not, i think they'll take them back too :D. I never went to the place where we eat before. If i'm not mistaken (remember that i'm a memory terrible person) it was at Presint 16 and that place is so called Taman Warisan Budaya. correct me if i'm wrong. But these satay tasted good!!
marvellous..tiptop! i regretted for not finish eating all that.hehe.heaven if i have more space at my stomach (att: only for that night!!)

Haa...This is fadhil. The birthday ahjussi (hehe). The 23rd year old man.but wait..he's cute what (covering).The cake looked delicious and sure it is! I persuade him to cut the cake so that i can stop looking at the there's someone who doesn't eat cake because he felt eerie only by looking at the cake.i'm so can't think why! strange but lucky too because cakes are quite expensive. a slice worth more than rm6! but delicious food makes me happy.makes my mood in a stable state and makes my worry heart to calm down. food soul and food lovers like me....sooner or later..will expand and become a ballon..omooo's time to stop because my back is starting to ache..OMG..why am i in a condition of an old woman?get a better bone please!!! Well to end this entry (am i writing an essay?) i would like to express my gratitute to fadhil for treating me especially....and to have a happy 23rd years old.get a partner and get married soon.can't wait to see your spouse.hehe..SAENGIL CHUKA HAEYO!!

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