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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Junior Fan Account

3 days ago---SuJu was right in in front of me *^_^*, enlighten my life.why am i so happy to this extend?get so much energy and brightening amalina said::an overloaded energy. yes, i've done my assignment. both the human genetics and current issue as well as the presentation slides. got to study and continue with thesis writing next. then the lab reports also..have not yet feel stressful like others said..anyway, what is stressfull feels like :p? they said i'm a relax person.yes i am.there's a lot ofway to get rid of those -ve words.omoo.. i have to do the presentation slides for viva and send it to dr jenny on 26 May. 5 slides only.will do soon^^.no rushing please but do things properly.missing SuJu oppa..missing DBSK ^^.aja2 hwaithing!!

p/s toki wo tomete PV has been released *^_^*

Credits: jpopsuki 

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