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Sunday, March 21, 2010

SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BEST!!! (i'm crazy!!)

How my eyes shouldn't believe itself !! I saw them; 12 altogether with my bare eyes! They are so damn good looking! The ELF's crowds were awesome too.We sang the song together, it's harmonious. Kyuhyun looked so damn perfect! ! lol. I love when he came in front of our seat and performed the song. His smile is forever a killer. I didn't expect Henry to come. But he did come dancing and playing the violin. He sure was good at that. I love when he play the violin while the other SuJu members were dancing 'Don't Don' .It remind me of their MV, don't don few years back. Don't Don part that i love the most was when he played the was completely cool~~sugoi!!
Thanks to SM Entertainment, Red Star and all the sponsorship partner, allowing us to take pics and videos. This is restricted in other countries like Korea and Japan maybe because they want to protect the copyright. There were lot of pics i took and  not too much video because i was enjoying the show so much and just recording for my sis and some for myself. Heechul was so funny. He jiggled all around the stage. He conquered the stage running back and forth. They all were enjoying their show together with ELFs. It was like we were so close, shooting the water, throwing the flowers, that cutie expression makes smile all the way back to UM.3 hours sure wont be enough for a great performance by a great star!
SuJu M did perform too, and was happy to see them all in the stage; reminds me a lot of their old times.i'm crazily happy, smiling and screaming with the other ELFs. the only thing i regretted the most is ; why didn't i buy the rock pitt or at least the right sided lower seat?if not, i may be lucky to get a better pic of them and maybe shaking hand with them too!!lol
 to conclude::SuJu please come again.i'm sure will buy the lower closest to the stage seat or standing at the rock pitt.i will cut my monthly allowance for special foods *^_^*~~~~saranghanmida SuJu OPPA!!

                                              blue sapphire: the SUPER SHOW 2:::: cool isn't it?
 searching for the official poster; didnt find it.but this poster was quite good and plus; it was cheap.
         my favourite DONGHAE: believe me; (nosebleeding) he was so handsome...i want him! ;p

                                            KYUHYUN:::i'm falling for u (why so handsome ;p)

                                                       funny and cutie Hee chul ;p

Leeteuk (leader), Heechul, , Yesung, Kang-in, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun

                                  SUNGMIN::really good at singing and playing the piano *^_^*

                                                        this is Yeesung...cute!!!

look::to lights were so beutiful *^_^* 


                                                    forever love their dancing style!
                                                SuJu bidding farewell::: ;( come again please



no kangin, kibum and hangeng..sad but enjoyable moment in my life *^_^*

zinziemeewah de lu'lu said...

hi.. me too an elf my my 4eva n eva bias is fishy.. sangat hansome kan???? memang gila dibuatnya..hhuuhhu


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