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Saturday, May 8, 2010

last day in UM

today is my last day in UM as a student and as a resident in 11th college. i have been here living in 11th college for almost 3 years. thanks to college administration for allowing me to stay for 6 semester here.11th college daebak!
feeling sad leaving UM, i feel that a few months before. i already prepare for this farewell. it's kinda hard to have this feeling. but that's's like we just stop at the RnR and continue life as it is. saying goodbye is hard enough, so i decided to say till we meet again.saying goodbye is more like we never meet again.indeed we all gonna meet this world or the life after. for all my friends, all geneticist, roommates, coursemates thanks for all the moments and memories we share.5 years being with u all will remain in my heart forever..let's meet again dear friends!

1 comment:

lin sfmf said...

so sad...aku je xde dlm pic tue..
whatever...hope kengkwn sume xlupa aku...syg kwn2 sume...


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