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Monday, May 10, 2010

first day of industrial training

there are four of us from UM, department of genetics. arrived early at 8, it seems like being in school time again. tomorrow, i'll be in at 7.30 so that i work till 12 on friday. i'm doing my LI at MARDI Seberang Perai, 20 minutes away from my house. for the first day, a bit of boring things there. first, we were introduced to our supervisor which me, mazwani and hayati got the same supervisor, Mr Guok from plant breeding department. he taught how plant breeding works. it's more like theory we learn in university. tomorrow we have to go to the field and start working as a farmer (i guess ;p). the situation at MARDI is beyond my expectation. i saw a lot of people do nothing. the workers there, are most likely veteran people. i hardly see any young people working there. the place is quite wide and far from any town. the nearest one is 15 minutes away. luckily i stay at my home. so it wont be a hard internship. i can go back home and watch football and now uber cup as i like. today, already got an assignment. have to prepare for slides and short report.have to sleep early and wake up more morning sleep..till then~~
p/s i miss my besties....

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