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Monday, June 20, 2011

I dun feel like getting married at this moment

Ok..So this is just my rambling thoughts. Don't take it seriously. I recently like to create trolls in my own blog lol. Look, marriage is so damn serious. It's something that worth more than half of your life span (if you have a normal life span). If you are getting married, then you must be willing to take risks of what single people doesn't have to worry. I have once thought that marriage is some sort of gambling. Because we cannot predict our future, so it's sounded like a gamble, where you have to trust your partner and be trusted by them. Often, i saw quite a number of marriage couples fail to do that. Infidelity has become more and more common. What is the meaning of marriage if you are dating someone else's behind your partner's back? It seems to me that marriage isn't that holy because of those people.

Let's put aside the couple's things. Let's just assume that that is not really matters. Because what i wanna stress here is not this part but the outside factor. The partner's part, let we call them internal factor. Breathe. Okay. Before you get married, you should know if not all, maybe a little about your partner's background. I mean their origin, their culture, their family's tradition, family's general taboo and stuff like that. Once you get married, you have to face the family, you like it or not. Get what i mean? You get married with your partner thus simultaneously agreeing  their family's rule and regulation.

You have to know that we are all different. Even though we come from the same country, speak the same language, eat the same food, born in the same race or even worshiping the same God, we still have some things we cannot agree with. I give you an example.(Remember, just an example). I rarely finish my meals even though I ate just a small portion. Then I throw away the leftovers. This is just a common thing for me. My family doesn't care too much of me throwing away what I cannot finish. But once I stepped into my in law's family, they started to make fuss of it. For them, not finishing your meal is considered rude. I have to change, for the sake of my in law's family.

In some cases, we can't just change the whole thing. Like how can you interfere someone else's privacy? Sometimes I just couldn't understand why some people want to control our lives. Or maybe I am still thinking like a kid. Another example. I am a Korean lover. Say it anything, if I can choose, I wanna have myself living in Korea in the future. Part of Korean is me. I couldn't help changing all these fact related to my obsession of Korea because of someone else. If I can respect other people's obsession, why not respecting mine too? The main point is to accept differences.

I came across some stories of failed marriage caused by in law's conflict. I am so pissed off to hear those things. Maybe they dun really like their daughter or son in law, that's why they tend to break the relationship. Life is unfair huh? My conclusion here is life is complicated, marriage is one of the complicated things we have to encounter if we truly wanna get married. Don't come tell me secret lies of marriage, also don't come bragging to me about how wonderful marriage is. Because we are different, so how can i stick to your opinion? Yes, this is me. So hardheaded. Deal with me, or dun come near..End

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marriage is something that we need to put much thought


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