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Saturday, June 25, 2011

We were meant to say goodbye

Yes, if think you've heard this phrase somewhere, I am referring to Kelly Clarkson's song, Already Gone's lyrics. What I'm gonna say here is sometimes we forgot about life is just a journey. We will eventually die, no matter how hard we try to keep breathing.

No matter how much money you have today, no matter how much people adore and love you, death is part of your life too. Everyone will die, including me, and also you. No such immortal things. That's why I said, we were all meant to say goodbye in the end~



Wanie said...

owh, dont want to say ggodbye..wink*
lame tak dgr lagu kelly clarkson..
die ade lagu baru ke skang ni?

Hime said...

hee..utk thn 2011, ada..xtau la whole yg plg suka lagu 'don't you wanna stay'..lagu tu best!

Sharinginfoz said...

we can't run away but need to prepare for this


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