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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do you need a babysitter?

This is Auzaie Azfar. My friend's nephew

I do love babies. Why not? They are damn too cute in many ways! While sleeping, snoring, eating, smiling or even shitting LOL XD. I just couldn't get it how can one throw away baby just like throwing rubbish? Even rubbish, we still have proper way to settle them. Not by lifting and throwing them from the upper part of a flat or building. There's also a case where a woman drown her child in the sea just to escape from the authorities. It's human, fool! Not a toy! That person lost her/his sanity, true enough. Brainless. Stupid ass.

I dun have babies to play with. I wish I have half a dozen after married, but oh no! It sounds like too many too handle. LOL. But as they grew up, I think my obsession will be lessen. Because the truth is that I love babies. When one grows up, they'll not a baby anymore. And oh, I'd love to do babysitting. It's part of my happiness after fangirling and shopping.

Watching over a cute baby is fun! Yes, you have to deal with some difficulties, but what job doesn't comes with difficulties? I'd rather have problems handling the babies than to bump into a human who doesn't appreciate what we did for them and just bluffing.

If you are looking for a babysitter, what can I promise you is that your child wouldn't be abused in any way. I love baby so much, I wouldn't even dare to hold them with just one hand. I will gently take care of them, preparing the best baby foods & milk. Giving them proper sleep, a very clean and nice smell after bath, entertain them with my innate talent (omo what's that?). I will also teach them to speak and learn according to their level of understanding. But unfortunately I am just interested in babysitting a baby aged above three months and below two, or the best is just before the baby can run! LOL.

What am I differ than any candidates? Oh well. I have learned few languages I can instill in your child even if they cannot speak them, they at least have few words from different languages. Well I am a native Malay speaker. Can speak fluent English (yes, yes.with minor mistakes), as well understanding in Arabic so I dun have any problems teaching your baby few simple readings from Al-Quran. And oh, my knowledge of Korean language is getting better by day. What else? I'm a graduate. From University Malaya and I am majoring in Genetics & Molecular Biology. I know that sounds ridiculous comparing a babysitting job with my qualification. But that's an advantage for you. You better hire me than those from Philipines or Indonesia or perhaps Myanmar. I am a Malaysian pure blood, so you dun have to worry. Plus, I love baby, that's enough to convinced you all!

Send me your biodata, about you and your baby and nah I'll just have to choose!

p/s Oh, I dun need a lot of pay per month. Just bank in me two thousand ringgit and deal! LOL
Just sincerely..


fiezah91 said...

hehe. suka baby jugak. baby comel. hikhik

Sharinginfoz said...

baby memang cute tetapi perlu sabar ngan karenah mereka

nurul said...

meh, jadi babysitter. hehe.


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