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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My New Obsession ^^ whee~~~

Introducing : The Jo Twins! From Boyfriend
I love Kwangmin more since he's more manly a rapper. No, no I love both of them equally lol.
OMG he's so undeniably cute as a whole. This is Kwangmin

This is also Kwangmin. Wait, where's Youngmin the twin?

This is Youngmin. He looks like an anime character isn't it?

If  they both dye the same hair color, they'll just look the same. But now I can  distinguish  which is Youngmin and which is Kwangmin. There are few characteristics which makes them differ from each other. Yes, a slight difference. The left is Youngmin the elder, on your right is Kwangmin the younger twin brother.

These two boys are awesome! I watched them in the sitcom All My Love, they debuted as an actor then as a singer in a boy band of course. Boyfriend debuted on May 2011. They are still rookie but indeed they win lots of awards already. You can watch their performance in this video below. Look how cute they are. Anyway, cute guys are my type (just lately keke)

My heart flatter every time I see them. I guess as a noona, I just which to fangirling them live lol

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OH M' GOD!!!! Youngmin looks so much like Light Yagami from Death Note that it's not even freakin funny!!!!! I'm literally gonna cry from this amazingness..


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