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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Korea Central Backpackers

After 30 days back from Korea...

Yeah, I finally decided to write about my journey to Korea. Pretty lame is it? I went to Korea exactly on 30 April 2012. The last day was on 10 May. For someone who have been dreaming of going to Korea for about 10 years ago, this one little vacation worth the long waits. Er er, dunno what to write, where to begin and how.

Okay lemme break them into sections. The first part I'm gonna write about my guesthouse. The guesthouse name is "Korean Central Backpackers". This guesthouse is located near the Hyehwa subway station. It's a happening area where you've got to see those school kids in cute uniforms walking to school in groups while holding a cup of brewed coffee. Ouh sweet!

While getting there from the airport, we took the airport limousine (which is a bus, dun confuse XD), stop at Sunkyunkwan University (yes, you're right! the one in the drama starring Yoochun) and walk a few minutes to the guesthouse. When we were walking to the guesthouse, we met with the travelers who happened to stay at the same guesthouse, so I bet we're a bit lucky to find them first and can easily go straight to the guesthouse. It's almost 12pm, Korean time. To get lost in the middle of damn cold night, is not so good, especially when you're carrying a huge luggage.

The front door

So, we safely arrived at the guesthouse. It's so convenient and feels like home! My very first impression is thank God, it's far more comfortable than what I imagine. See to believe~
This is the pantry area when you can have a cup of tea while watching local tv channel. There's a large plasma tv there. You can also use the PC, if you bring your own laptop, tab or smartphone, just connect to their wifi, and yes it's free. The right side of this picture you can see a water dispenser, hot or cold. Just use this to refill your tumbler and tada~ save some money here.

here, the plasma tv I mention before
Front view of my room
The floor is made from parquet, and very clean you can never feel any dust existence here lol. Look at the picture above. This is my room's door. Want to enter? Wait! I'm gonna continue writing this soon! XD

So, I'm back editing this stuff. This room is for two, but it can actually fits three people because the lower deck bed is a queen size bed. They provide a bedding silk comforter which is so fluffy and comfortable as I feel like taking it back home. lol. The room is pretty basic, with an air conditioner, a closet, a huge mirror, a sink and a food cupboard. There's also an en suite bathroom inside with 24 hours hot water. The toilet for me is quite small but I'd prefer this rather than to use the shared one. It's clean and cute too!

The above picture is the hall of fame section at the pantry area. So creative isn't it? The owner, Han Yong Hee, is very kind and friendly :). He speaks English too! I personally think almost all Korean guesthouse owners can speak English well (not idols Engrish, not Yoochun's Engrish lol). I actually saw his profile on Facebook stating that he graduated from University College Birmingham, in Tourism Business Management. Now I know....

Yong the owner..
On top of that, the rate is very affordable. It's actually a budget hostel but I'd like to say it's a perfect hostel worth more than the money spent! Our room rate is 25,000 krw per person for one night (approx RM75), I dunno if you can find any cheaper than this during peak season. At the time we were there, it was actually a peak season and luckily we manage to book this guesthouse two months earlier.

Big round applause to Korean Central Backpackers for the nice and warm welcoming. Always hope that we can meet again next time. I highly recommend this guesthouse for those who wanted to go to Seoul. You will agree with me later, no regrets.

All these photos are mine, please make sure to take out with full credits


mahfudz said...


Hime said...

Thank you mahfudz :)

mazura yuslaili said...

hai,wanna ask ur review about korea central backpackers?tq

Hime said...

@mazura yuslaili
sure..any questions?

dreamer said...

salam safina,

nak tanya, hostel kcb ni location dia dgn subway mcmana?tak jauh sgt ke penat juga lah jalan :)

senang cr tak dr drop off point airport limousine bus tu?

and hostel tu mmg kira selesa sgt ya?sbb nak pergi sana 4 org and plan nk ambil family room..

tq :)

Hime said...

Dreamer; Sorry for the late reply. Dekat je dengan subway, walking distance around 5min. From the drop off point, not too hard to find kcb if u can spot the landmark. Seoul's guesthouse are about the same. Most of them are located at the small alley. For family room, the have two double deck bed and the room is spacious. For me,its comfortable :-) and we didnt really spent much time in the guesthouse

Tiara said...

salam safina

nk tya, my family n i nk ke sana end nov ni. there r 8 of us. me n my hubby n kiddos 15yo-8yo. suitable x dgn guesthse ni or namsan better?


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