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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


hu..~sigh..i was collapsed..dunno why.the exam is just around the corner.just a few days!!i never seen myself so afraid when talking about exams..i'm quite optimist (though only God noes how bad my preparation was).maybe because i dont really care about my cgpa before..but i suddenly realize the importance of it..huhu..that's the worst things to happen in this crucial time.four more days to start my first paper,immunology which is one of most the critical subjects in my course (they said...but for me all of them are extreme hard!)huhu..i was just like not noing what kind of feelings i have rite i afraid?hurm..perhaps..but afraid of what?huhu..maybe my carry marks for all genetics subject wasn't satisfy me,that's why i feel a little bit nervous (sounds weird)huhu..two days strict punishment to myself was too cruel.i didn't have enough sleep and fun.that's why i collapsed..whoa..if mama or abah noes this,i'm sure they'll scold me for being too hard to myself.i felt like my legs and upper parts shivering..stammering to death and its just like i dont have enough oxygen in my blood,making it to collapse.i didn't faint,i just collapse.that's just a sign of exhausted.not an illness..i no that.i'm not being fair to myself and i was caring too much care for the exams.i was cruel to myself!!i just realize i should do next is to fully concentrated on important things and study according to my afford.i should have enough sleep (not excess eh..), enough food and enough joy (this is for not feeling tense while studying)...and...DO NOT show the namida!!i was recently sharing sadness with someone because he lost somebody who is important in his life (i guess).that weird feelings come out when he cried and lost soul flies away and sadness overwhelm me.i think i'm more sad than him.aigoo..i hate to be sad because this will also make me collapse,but shikatanai..(it can't be helped)..fina chan--ganbatte ne!!!ご幸運を祈ります!
행운 시험 모든 최고의 (first time i write hangul on my board) i really have to look up on the dictionary..huhu..

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