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Friday, November 21, 2008

genting theme park!!

before i went back home,(sem break is more or less a month) i went to genting highlands (theme park k!)it was so exciting because i love theme park!i've went there before with my schoolmates (during my school time),but this vacation is much more meaningful because i'm already in university (i've grown up..lols)..the weather was so cool.there were lots of people--because it was school holidays--shikatanai..have to que damn long..but the roller coaster was cool-though i'm dreaming something more frightening!! disappointed because i can't play that solero--the rain was so heavy--huhu.i'm going there again--next semester~with whom?not decided yet.maybe i'm going to ask...(in my mind only..not to display..)
arrived at gombak terminal at 7.dropped by at sentral kl to buy ticket for wani.then arrived at kuaz bout 10 was a great time!!i love it--pics on my facebook

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