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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

extraordinary ordinary

I like to read more n more on what cecelia ahern wrote in her novel, Thanks For The Memories,'how extraordinary the ordinary really is, a tool we all use to keep going, a template for sanity'.it's really a moving phase for me.the ordinary can be extraordinary if we try to make it as best as we can to make it not just an ordinary..and it will remain as an unforgettable memories we had in our is short; for sure.we never no how long we'll be able to wake up at the crack of dawn, and being able to breath and feel the freshness of the air, listening to the sound of water in the shower, shivering by the cold water running out from the's the feeling of freshness..u can never get if u wake up late..hihi..i think, i'm running out of the topic already..lols.well, back to the title, i ought to write on my works in the last few days.i really wanmna write it's so amazing!to cross breed the drosophila which consist of more than only one type.what's more important is that, dealing with different mutants in drosophila was never come to my imagination at all! it's like a dream come true *^_^*.i never no there exist such mutants in drosophila.the wild type (the normal and most frequent one) have red-coloured eye, the other mutants for instance have the scarlet-coloured eye, the vermillion-coloured eye, the other with ebony body, the vestigal wing mutants and the last one with a black body.the differences between the wild type allele and the mutants are just the colour of the eyes are much lighter or darker which closes to red and the other one is the shape and the size of their wings.simply just a slight difference,but they were mutants!isn't that amazing?lols..coming to the real task; mating the drosophila (just an information to the layman..sorry if it's a bit late..drosophila is actually a scientific name for fruit fly..Drosophila melanogaster).we were given lots of test tubes provided by food supplies and a little bit yeast (the lab man said it is used to make the drosophila itchy..lols).we were divided to four and doing the crosses together by separating the's a bit confusing because there were lots of drosophila given n a bit hard to etherize them, to count them n to quickly put them in the tubes before they wake up again.i was afraid if i put all males together in one tube.or all females in a tube.wouldn't there will be lesbians or gays??lols..never!no offspring will be in the tube for sure.dealing with ether makes me almost unbreathable..i think i will faint if they etherize each tube, we have to put 3 males (either the wild type or mutant) and 3 females (mutants or wild type).then after a week, we saw larvae in the tubes.we removed the parents (we actually killed them by ether too, to examine under the microscope) and let the larvae to developed.can't wait to see them grow up! i was thinking of giving them they are my babies..lols..lols..well..i should stop by now.i've to study a bit on statistical calculation.n got to no about epistasis..there'll be basic genetics quiz next week.dreaming to get A for this subject!!go for it..ganbatte *^_^*

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