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Saturday, January 17, 2009

mending the pieces..

sometimes in life, in order for us to keep on going, we have to sacrifice things we used to.even though it's more than hard, it's harder than complicated and it's confusing than puzzling, sooner or later, we'll get used to it.for how long the road will end to the real place that we are heading, there will be sufficient hardship and torture-the way we gained experience.along the road, we may found obstacles blocking our way.but that's how life is all never run smoothly without any difficulties.well,we human can never get rid of that.what differs between successful people with a loser is just how they cope with the situations.and i hope that i was not a loser.for every little things that i do, i hope it's the best for my life.letting go someone u love reluctantly, is a real hard things to do.but then, if it's the best thing to do after all the calculation n probability have been made,then why should there be any regret?or even a sigh?Allah noes the best for us.let go all the pain.heal the wounds and vanish the scar..and be strong as i always be *^_^*..ganbatte!!

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