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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i'm coming back!

it has been quite a long time i didn't write anything on this board.mainly because i have lots of things to do and whenever i came across my site, i began to have no idea on what am i suppose to write.i think..i have lost my ability to write properly!huhu~..well..i dunno what to write so i guess i should start with writing about my daily basis..(is this jerking?huhu).to be realistic, what is going on my life rite now is that i am struggling to rearrange my is wednesday (almost dawn).gotta go to B6 tonite having a discussion with dr tonite will be the basic nite.i wont be able to study any other subject other than basic.yeah..kind of preparation for the next week test.coming back from that, maybe around 10pm, there's no enough time for me to prepare for my report.assuming my mood to study will turned to another mode~maybe yming time or gaming time or dvding time.but most probably i'll just read through tomorrow's lecture notes.well then for tomorrow..i maybe go to shah alam..why can't i just get rid of those friend's invitation to go out an outing?what a weak kind of me..huhu.after basic class, i probably will go there with an intention of well..u should of course.calculating times, i guess i should arrive at college before maghrib.then i noe how it may not be able to do anything again at waste of time again.friday i have another appoinment with my friend at midvalley..hehe..i decide blame it on me week will be a tough week.submission date of my basic genetics report is on 17th february.maybe basic test will be on this day too.then microbial genetics test will be on thursday, 19th february.there are lots of things to remember and some of the subtopics..i really have no idea of what is that all about because i am such a lazy and reluctant girl to revise again after i didnt understand that.huhu..a real me is ceasing..somebody tasukete!!help me please..huhu..why am i starting to be lazy and take things so easy?n next week i will also have a project in malacca and it will take me a day as the part of the society, i have to do some task which require my times..AGAIN!but after all,i learned something from all dr zul said..all nobel prize winner (i'm not saying i have an ambition to be a nobel prize winner..lols) are getting their results of new findings when they stumble upon occurs not as they planned.they do not expect it to be that in my case, i think i have to just go on like that..using the very second of the times accomplishing every work i should've priority to things i should do first.and do not sigh!because who noes in doing all that, i will coincidently find something new to my life..which bring me to more than happiness~..

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