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Sunday, April 11, 2010

closer to the end

duh~~sigh** i'm getting bored looking at Microsoft Office 2007. every single minutes i have to open it and of course do some editting. every time i looked at it, i must've corrected sumthing. it's hard to write a thesis even just at undergraduate level, i feel like there'll be no more dissertation or phd things in my mind for future. a lazy last minute girl like me would not be able to resist pressure at master or phd no no. i just couldn't bear it enough. i know myself very well. but if sumbody offer a master or phd for k-pop thingy, i would like to join =p. my thesis writing will come to the end. tomorrow i'll meet Dr Jenny for final correction. next time, i'll tell more about my project (too late? =p)  and also about my sunbae who has been contributing a lot to my project..till now, let's finish it up...

1 comment:

hasni said...

bukan kau jak
aku pon suda juling2 tgk mic words


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