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Monday, April 19, 2010

that free hair girl remove me from FB

hahaha..i feel like laughing a lot. that girl (my junior at secondary school) she did remove me from her friend list.she annouced to every1 in her FB that she'll delete three kind of person 1) STALKER 2) friends who never  say hi and talking at her back 3) girls who is looking over her boyfie.i think i fall in the second category. maybe because i had once wrote in my blog about free hair girls from religious school and maybe she did open it and feel like i'm talking about her at her back.well is this called talking at someone else's back?duh~ plus---like why should i care?owh..u r welcome to remove me if u didn't like the first place, she's the one who added me, and i confirm it just because i didn't want to hurt her.haha..
if she had come across my blog, thank God at least i have done something good. she's for sure sexy, think she's hot and always writing bad words on her FB. duh why should i have a junior behaving like this?
p/s hey u all from religious school especially (all Muslim girls are included)------at least cover your head.put something on it. showing off your hair is a sin! in case some of u did forget


hasni said...

pelik gak
kadang aku fikir
apa lah dorang blaja time sekolah dl
pakai la bah kan tudung tu


hehe..tu la.blaja 5thn kat sek least pkai la tudung.ish2.bdk2 zaman skarang

Nur Hidayah Bt Abdullah said...

nak wat cmner..masuk skolah agama terpaksa..hehhehehe sori lmbt yah jd follower..all da best tk exam!!! kt dh tua kt um nie..




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