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Monday, April 5, 2010


1) Don't read Daily K-Pop News at least twice a day
2) Don't read Cassiopeian Site once a day
3) Don't download any K-Pop MV a day
4) Don't think about K-Pop at least five times a day
5) Don't use any Korean or Japanese phrase a day
6)Keep worrying about my tomorrow test. I have a test n pre-viva tomorrow!!!

What's gonna be with me in the future?A K-Pop stalker? Thesis hasn't yet completed, PMB lab report yet to finish. No preparation for tomorrow's test. No preparation for much lacking of preparation, yet to update blog. I just can't think which one is which, i mixed them up. Reading the notes remind me of my presentation tomorrow. Reading the slide, remind me of the test. Reading the notes, remind me of my lab report. Everything has to be completed soon. OMG i need more time. I'm not stressfull but i'm annoyed with myself. Being cool all the times =p

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