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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2AM Showcase & Autograph Session (Fanmeeting) want free passes to the showcase and autograph session?

Hi dear K-poppers and readers,
Most of Malaysian K-poppers must have known about this. I've got my passes during the presales event a week ago. Here's some information on how you can get free passes to the fanmeeting.

1) Advisable to have your own Digi number (no matter if you are using prepaid or postpaid, digi campus or whatsoever)

2) Visit DiGiYouths for more updated info regarding the event

3) Wanna win an autograph session pass? click here :) you just have to
      (i) choose who is your bias in 2AM
     (ii) upload a photo of what you'll be wearing should you win the pass
     (iii) what you want your idol say to you (write just anything)
     (iv) fill in some basic details! 
As simple as that! You will be chosen based on the highest vote. You may send as much entries as you want. The more you send, the more your chances to win. The contest duration is from 23 April - 16 May 2011

4) Wanna win a pass to 2AM showcase? HIGH CHANCES!
Buy yourself a 2AM Special Edition RepackagedAlbum at any Speedy stores. The album comes out with a pass to 2AM showcase plus a limited poster. Don't you feel excited? Me? Got mine but still feel so excited! So, this is not really win yourself, it's a double the happiness. You get the album and you get the pass :)

5) Should you feel insecure to get your passes through this method, go grab the passes yourself at Digi Retail in Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid. I tell you you won't regret. 2AM is a very much talented Kpop group. They are the King of Ballad and each of their members can sing very well. Plus the passes are so cheap. I never went to any showcases any cheaper than this one. It's affordable. Only RM50 for the showcase. Guys, what are you waiting for? Take an action now and good luck :) Contest needs luck ^_^

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