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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heeya 희야 (Boohwal) Worth listening to

Who cares they are old school? Me not. Started to fall in love with Boohwal since i watched Immortal Song 2 where the idols have to sing Boohwal's song they themselves choose. Pretty ironic, i rarely like 90s songs. I get annoyed listening to those rock kapak songs. I rather shut the radio off than listening to it. Dang it! I din think of rambling here! But i do...sigh~

You better listen to Heeya..It makes my day. Probably yours as well!

Of course they sang in different way. That what makes the song special :). Lyrics help a lot to understand and feel the song more. Plus, you can even sing it during your karaoke time. Or maybe in the bathroom..erk


희야 날좀 바라봐
Heeya, look at me
너는 나를 좋아했잖아
You (used to) like me (don’t you)
너는 비록 싫다고 말해도 나는 너의 마음 알아
Even though you say you hate me, I know (what’s in) your heart
사랑한다 말하고 떠나면 나의 마음 아파할까봐
If you tell me you love me before you leave, I could be hurt
뒤돌아 울며 싫다고 말하는 너의 모습 너무나 슬퍼
When I look back, the way you look when you said you hate me was really sad
빗속을 울며 말없이 떠나던 너의 모습 너무나 슬퍼
In the midst of rain, you left without words. You looked so sad.
하얀 얼굴에 젖은 식어가는 너의 모습이
The way you look, your white face getting wet and cold
밤마다 꿈속에 남아 아직도 널 그리네
(it) sticks in my dreams every night, (it appears) I still miss you
희야 날좀 바라봐 오 희야 오 날좀봐
Heeya, look at me. Oh, Heeya, please look at me!
오 희야 희야 오 희야 오 희야
Oh Heeya, Heeya, Oh Heeya, Oh Heeya
오 나의 희야
Oh my Heeya

Lyrics credit to this

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FarhanaDr said...

I love Boohwal actually. Itu pun lepas tonton realiti TV show Qualifications of Men kot. Then terus google pasal dorang dan start layan lagu-lagu dorang. Heehee. :)

Hime said...

Hi FarhanaDr!
You probably watch Kim Taewon because he appeared on the show and sang Boohwal's song :)


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