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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SHINee Concert in Malaysia 2011

Of course the concert won't include Yoogeun, but I love this picture. Such a lovely boys

This is not a confirmed event yet, but I'm just doing my own presumption. There'll be at least two organizers or co-organizer or maybe partners involved in this event. I'm doing my calculation based on their status/photos uploaded on Facebook. I met the very first hint at Splendid Entertainment's Facebook. The moment I 'liked' the Fan Page, there's only around 36 fans to my surprise, and until this entry was written, the total of people who like the page are 1076. They first changed their profile picture to SHINee, then changed it back to their own logo, raising a question mark on each of Shawols who keep stalking the page like every two minutes. Me? I'm cool! I believe SHINee will come! After few days, they posted SHINee's picture at their Facebook wall. Another hint isn't it?

The second hint was from DiGiYouths. You know, this is why I love Digi though lately I was thinking of changing to old Maxis. The Digi Campus rate is now not as valuable as before. It's just like the other telco's campus rate, no specialty anymore. Back to the topic. I saw these two posts and then my talking thoughts started to rant. Look out:
Next K-pop concert is a sign that they'll be bringing Korean band again
The question now is who will they bring?

The previous post. Didn't I look like a great stalker? lol

Will be posted latest news regarding SHINee's Concert in Malaysia. Have been waiting for themquite a long time. My flaming charisma Choi Minho..really can't wait to meet in person!

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|niey| said...

mintak2 betol2 shinee yg datang..
nk sgt tgk minho yg cute tue..

Kancilbiru said...

wahh fanatik korean ke ni? hehehe..

tq for coming at my blog ya..;)

Hime said...

@ |niey|
kalau diorg datang, jgn tak pegi pulak :P

@ Kancilbiru
ye saya..hehe
tq too :)


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